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Hi. Thanks for stopping by my site. So…what about me? Here are some random facts and not so deep thoughts.

Fact 1: I have a desk drawer full of never finished manuscripts, notes and ideas. Layers is my first book that I've finished and published. It took me a year to write Layers. So let's just say—my family ate cereal for dinner—for a year.

Fact 2: A lot of my ideas come to me in the middle of the night. In my dreams—I become my heroine. I think that's why I like to write and read in first person. Think about it. She's always out-of–this-world boxer brief-dropping gorgeous. And she never fails to get her lick-luscious man. You go girlfriend! So when they say in your dreams. I say hell yeah!

Fact 3: I love to laugh, garden, (FYI I hate to weed) and read. Sometimes I read and laugh while I'm in my garden. Wow—if that's not wild and crazy multitasking.

Fact 4: I hate to clean my house—but I like to vacuum. I wish you could vacuum—everything. And like my heroine Alexia, I hate to go shopping. I don't know how I survived before Amazon. And, I'm not into designer labels…unless it's Levis and Muck Boots. One other thing we have in common—is the whole reality TV thing. I don't get it. I have enough reality…that's why I read.


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