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Torri D. Cooke has had a culinary and literary career that has taken her around the world seven times-- visiting, cooking and exploring in dozens of countries. Her love of sensual pleasures, whether found in the kitchen or in the bedroom, gave rise to the Carnal Cuisine series of novels about people who cook. Always a big fan of traditional romance, Torri decided to bring the kind of erotic frankness to her books that she discovered in the world of professional chefs to whom fire is a constant companion.

The recipes found at the end of the books are Torri's gift to you. Because you have to come up for air and a bite to eat to keep your strength up! They are original recipes that include not just a list of ingredients, but also real instruction, food history, variations and tips. You can also find additional recipes taken from her books on her blog: and follow her on twitter @torridcooke
Cooking, gardening, raising yard chickens, animals of all sorts, reading


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