Cowboy's Chocolate Roses

Jess Buffett
Cowboy's Chocolate Roses
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JK Publishing
Release Date
May 2014
Book 1 of Silver Stone Ranch
Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, Western Romance

Having just signed a deal that will set his ranch up for life, Joshua Kell is totally unprepared for the changes that are headed his way. After a night spent with the woman of his dreams, Josh is devastated when he wakes up alone. Packing his bags, he heads for home, nursing a broken heart.

Brianna Evans has spent the last two years struggling to take back control of her life after a horrific trauma. When events lead her to Josh, she finally believes there is a chance for her to be happy again.

When a ghost from her past threatens to take everything away from her, Bri mt trt that her cowboy will stop at nothing to keep her safe.

Book Review by Angie Just Read... (reviewer)
Jul 01, 2014   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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After a traumatic encounter with a man in her past, she didn't want contact with any male until she met a handsome cowboy on the evening of her sister's bachelorette party. He thought he'd spent the night with the woman of his dreams until he woke up alone and found he didn't even know her last name.

After securing a multi-million dollar beef supplier contract that would save his family's Silver Stone Ranch, Joshua Kell met a reticent but beautiful woman named Bri while having a few celebratory drinks in a Dallas bar with his brother Caleb. Realizing Bri was his ideal woman had Josh thinking about the possibility of settling down, but after a single night of burning passion, Josh never expected to wake up alone in his hotel room. Angry and let down because he'd had no way to even find the woman who'd made his thoughts turn to marriage and family, Josh returned to his family's ranch feeling as if he'd been nothing but a one night stand for some rich daddy's girl.

Alcohol and Brianna Evans never mixed with good results, so waking up in a strange hotel room with a sleeping man set Bri into a panic that had her rushing out without waking the handsome cowboy for an explanation or introductions. Discovering she was pregnant after spending the night with a cowboy she barely remembered, and that she didn't even know his name, was a low point, but not as low as the assault and torture she'd experienced in the past with a man now serving time in a Texas prison. Still, Bri realized the man she'd spent the night with had a right to know she was pregnant with his child, and breaking that news wouldn't be easy, especially since she'd found out he was the man who'd recently signed a multi-million dollar contract with her over-protective father.

Two strangers with little between them but a night of passion and an unintended pregnancy have little to build on except their initial attraction and first impressions. Finding their first impressions weren't wrong and that they both want to see where their budding relationship may lead is complicated. But Bri's past is rearing its ugly head long before she and Josh have the time to explore the opportunity of having a future together.

Jess Buffett uses an interesting and not unheard of premise to set two near strangers on the path to building a relationship, but her plot was not without a few eyebrow-raising flaws in character judgment that come across as irresponsible even if they are true-to-life. I found Josh a likeable enough cowboy stereotype and his reactions to the developing situation with Bri plausible and expected. The fact that Ms. Buffett made him warm, passionate, gentlemanly, and concerned for Bri did a lot towards making me overlook his failure to realize he was having unprotected sex with an intoxicated woman he just met, especially since he's not a womanizer.

Similarly, Bri, whom the author makes known has a low tolerance for alcohol, imbibes to the point of not remembering going to Josh's hotel room and having sex. And while I won't go into depth on Bri's past for fear of spoiling this read for others, I simply couldn't see a woman who'd suffered what she'd been through even losing self-awareness to the point of hooking up with a stranger she'd just met. But as most of the details of Bri's and Josh's poor judgment occur early on and set the stage for the remainder of this romance peppered with interesting sub-plots and secondary characters, I found I was invested enough to care about how this strange relationship fared overall.

While I can't say this story was cleanly edited or without a few hiccups in the plot, I can say this tale has redeeming qualities and was, at times, sexy, intriguing, a bit suspenseful, and not unworthy of a read if you favor a thoughtful cowboy hero set on winning over a woman and making her happy.
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