The Tail of a Dog

Summer Devon
The Tail of a Dog

Kate Rothwell
Release Date
June 2013

She lived in an empty lot but thanks to two strangers' interference, her life was about to change.

The story of Hey girl and the family she creates. . .

This story is free at other locations. PROFITS FROM SALES here at Amazon will go to a non-profit dog rescue and adoption group.

The short story (10,500 words) is written for the active-and-growing m/m group at Goodreads which has an annual Love Has No Boundaries anthology. Authors pick prompts written by group members and write stories to match.

The original photo is of a smiling dark-haired guy in his twenties or thirties is apparently driving a car. Another man, perhaps a little younger, also with short dark hair, is resting his head on the driver's shoulder, eyes closed, a faint smile on his face. Behind them on the backseat is a dog and all we see of it is the dog's big head, eyes closed, its chin on the resting man's neck at the far left. All three look utterly contented.

Anke requested the dog's point of view with her prompt:
"This is me, the adorable one in the picture, yes the one on the left. You won't believe what I had to go through with the two cuties next to me! And what will lie ahead of us? Please help tell our story!"

Gay romance but mostly it's about a dog.


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