The Master's Prize

Maggie Nash
The Master's Prize
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Total E-Bound
Release Date
March 2009
BDSM, Erotic Romance

What happens when a conservative girl sneaks in to a BDSM club for a look and makes an impression on the Master trainer?

What happens when a conservative girl sneaks in to a BDSM club for a look and makes an impression on the Master trainer? He pulls out all stops to claim her for himself.

A radio charity auction gives Mitch Collins just the opportunity he was looking for. When he claims his prize, a mind-blowing kiss confirms all his fantasies and leaves him determined to win her trust.

Elise Blake can't believe she has to kiss a stranger for charity. To make things worse, the man who claims her kiss is the training Master from Club Fetish, the BDSM club she'd visited on a dare. Her secret fantasy scared her to death so why did his masterful ways prove so irresistible?

Book Review by Michelle R
Dec 14, 2010   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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A BDSM tale sure to satisfy fans of all kinds.

Ms Nash wove a sensual tale for a long-time Master and his new sub that left me aching for more of them and their world. BDSM fans, this one is light and lovely and wholly satisfying. Feel free to thank me when you are finished.

Elise Blake visited the Fetish Club on a dare. Wearing a mask, she was shocked and more than a little disturbed to discover how revved up just watching the demonstration made her. Little did she know she was doing a little revving of her own.

Master Mitch Collins owns his own company and has been a long-time Master trainer at the club. Having had more than his share of new and experienced subs, he is surprised to be drawn so intensely by the elusive woman in the mask. He must have her.

Even though she flees without leaving a name, Mitch will not be deterred. No sooner does he learn she is the sexy voice on the radio than he begins his campaign to get to know her. After more than a few rejections, he overhears that she is selling a kiss for charity for the small sum of five thousand dollars.

That's all the opening this Dom needs. A quick detour to the radio station and fifteen thousand dollars later, he not only has his kiss but a dinner date.

Elise wasn't thrilled, to say the least. Being attracted to the fetish lifestyle was scary enough. Was she really ready to give a Dom the opening to draw her inner submissive out?

She was truly hesitant, nervous and afraid of herself as much as him. That was one of my favorite parts of the book. It was so real. So believable. And Mitch had all kinds of plans to go slow and seduce her, but his lust was hard to contain. Again, it rang true after all the fantasizing this poor man had been doing.

Their attraction left my toes curling, but honestly it was his struggle to acknowledge that she was captivating him as no other sub ever had that I enjoyed the most. For the first time, she was a sub whom he didn't want to share. He wanted to keep her for himself, for a very long time. The way it unnerved and unraveled such a strong alpha was satisfying to that tiny feminist inside me. I also enjoyed being privy to her struggle to accept this side of herself. She is a strong alpha female and she comes to understand, she isn't interested in just the act of submitting. She is interested in submitting for Mitch Collins. Submission to another provides no enjoyment or release for her. It's a lesson she learns the hard way, thanks to her own stubborn attitude.

I smiled throughout this one. There wasn't much in the way of rough or edge play. The two didn't tackle any inner darkness, just the inner change that they were bringing about in each other. It was as much a love story as an erotic experience.

Those looking for a little pep in their step. A little journey down the naughty side to pass a few hours, this is one recommended read. Enjoy!
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