Lexi Blake
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Release Date
May 2013
BDSM, Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance

Some contracts are made to be broken...

A contract broken…
Ryan Church and Jill Paxon enjoyed their life as Master and submissive until the day Ryan's entire world crumbled. No longer able to fulfill his end of the contract, Ryan did what he thought was best for Jill. He let her go.

An unexpected reunion…
Eighteen months later, Ryan is working for Ian Taggart as the Dom in Residence at the elite BDSM club Sanctum when his former submissive walks through the door looking for a job. Jill has changed, but his desire for her is still insatiable. Jill, shattered by his past rejection, can't trust Ryan, but she needs the job. Back in the community where she once felt safe and secure, she longs for the life she lost and the man she loved.

A last chance for love…
Ryan is presented with an opportunity to restore his wealth and name, but it could cost him his last chance at rebuilding a life with the woman he loves. When the secrets Jill has carefully hidden from Ryan are exposed, a terrible twist of fate might take her out of his life forever.

Book Review by Rho (reviewer)
Jul 17, 2013   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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This hot little novella will definitely heat up your summer! With the main characters' smoldering chemistry and undeniable sexual tension as well as the glimpse into the world of the Masters and Mercenaries Series, SANCTUM was definitely my idea of how to start my summer off with a bang.

SANCTUM is the story of Ryan Church. He's the manager and Dom-in-Residence of Sanctum, the BDSM club owned and/or used by the Masters and Mercenaries crew. Ryan's got a bit of past and that past just happens to walk into his office looking for a job.

Jillian is a submissive who's been out of the scene since her previous Dom, Ryan, tried to pawn her off on another Dom. So, when she applies for a job at Sanctum, she never expected to see Ryan interviewing her for the job.

It's been eighteen months since they last saw each other and neither of them has gotten over the other. Starting over won't be easy, but if they can get over their past, they might have a future.

It's no real secret that I love Lexi Blake, but this the first short story I've read by her. I usually make note of the well-developed plots and suspense she builds throughout her stories. Since SANCTUM is only about 65 pages, I knew that wasn't going to be possible, but even I have to admit that I was thoroughly impressed with the way the author was able to write a complete story in such a limited amount of pages. Usually, I'm left wanting or stating that I liked the story but wished there was more. But with SANCTUM, I was left satisfied albeit even more anxious for the next installment of the series.

I loved Ryan and Jillian together. Although they drove me crazy, they really were perfect for each other. Jillian's sassy attitude also was a good fit with the other ladies of the Masters and Mercenaries series.

SANCTUM is set mostly in a BDSM club, so you would of course expect some BDSM, right? But, trust me it's light, so don't be turned off if you aren't sure it's something you could tolerate. A little spanking is all you'll see in this story but it's definitely hot!

So another hit from one of my faves, Lexi Blake. Although SANCTUM is book 4.5 in the Masters and Mercenaries series, I think it could be a good introduction to series as well. And if you haven't read this series yet, give it a try. I highly recommend it!
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Book Review by Delta (reviewer)
Jul 07, 2016   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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While this wouldn't be my pick for favorite Masters and Mercenaries story, it's still a must-read for fans of this series.

Living in a blissful BDSM relationship, Jill Paxton was blindsided when her Master Ryan Church gave her to another man. Distraught over losing his company, Ryan didn't have another choice but to give his woman to someone who could take care of her until he got his shit together. When Jilly shows up at Sanctum looking for a job, she's blindsided once again when she learns her former CEO is now the manager of a BDSM club!

Ryan tried to keep his hands to himself, but after 18 months, he's ready to reclaim his sub. Problem is, she may not want to be reclaimed.

SANCTUM is book 4.5 in the Masters and Mercenaries series by the always delicious Lexi Blake, and also a novella in the Shades of Naughty series. This was a short and sweet story with our favorite dungeon master Ryan, and tells us the story of why he's always so standoffish and hands off-ish with the Sanctum subs. There's a decent amount of depth to these characters for as short as the book is.

However. And this is a big however for me. It seemed that Ryan and Jill's relationship was more of a "sugar daddy" type thing. Yes, yes, she didn't want him for his money, but she really didn't have a problem living a life of leisure when they were together before or taking what he was offering when they reunited. It felt like both were in it for the wrong reasons, and therefore I couldn't really get behind their relationship like I would if it was more of a love match. Even so, you can always count on Ms. Blake to give us stories filled with heat and heart, and SANCTUM is no exception.

Bottom Line: A nice addition to round out Sanctum's key players, but not my favorite of the bunch.
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