Witch Hunt

J.R. White
Witch Hunt
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Cobblestone Press
Release Date
June 2013
Book 1 of Saving Grace Saga
Erotic Romance, Paranormal Romance, Vamps & Shifters Romance

After the bloody murder of her brother, Rei finds herself on the run from the coven that killed him. A powerful Earth witch, Rei searches for a natural well of magic to avenge her brother's death, even if it costs her life. However, standing between her and her goal is an alluring wolf.

Aidan never took the time or interest to look for his mate, but when the young witch shows up on pack hunting grounds his solitary life is turned upside down. Now, he must find a way to protect his pack and the woman that fate has handed him.

Book Review by LiaL (reviewer)
Jul 24, 2015   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Witches are hunted by those who hate them and those that want their powers. A young earth witch wants to find safety from the blood witches that are determined to kill her like they did her brother. In her search, she meets a wolf shifter who may be her only chance at survival. She doesn't expect love, too.

Rei has been running from the blood witches that have been chasing her for six months after she escaped when they killed her brother. She believes there is a ritual that may give her the power to destroy them. Aiden is a wolf shifter and one of the three alphas of the clan. He scents someone and when he investigates, he ends up in the middle of her ritual. He realizes he has found his mate but she is focused on the danger she brings to the whole pack.

In other shifter stories, the mate bond is often represented as resolving all issues and in this one the author does show that trust takes time. The problem is that when reading a romance you don't always want a realistic depiction of the issues in a relationship. Rei is young and seems a little naive considering the dangers she has lived with for so long. She doesn't really push Aiden to help her even knowing how great the risk is to everyone. Aiden's actions are inconsistent. He acts like he truly accepts her as his mate and would do anything for her and then is pretty quick to accept the word of others against her. It was disappointing to see him act like that but also not that surprising considering how new the relationship is and how little they know one another. It was a more realistic depiction of a new bond than you usually see.

There are some issues within the clan that increase the risks to everyone and the author resolves them a little too quickly for me. I felt that author could have taken some additional time to develop the supporting characters. The sister-in-law is hard to understand. I would have liked to know more about her background to understand her later actions. One of the other alphas also has some unexplained behavior. It made me think there was a piece of the story missing as to why he jumped so quickly to a conclusion and seemed to want to pursue the path even when it was shown to be based on incorrect information.

Rei is a young woman in desperate need of help and Aiden seems like the perfect mate to help her. It started off really great with their connection during the ritual. It is a good read for those who like paranormal stories with shifters and witches. I didn't connect as strongly with Aiden as a I would have liked though. His non-support of Rei when she really needed him alienated me even if I intellectually understood that they had a new relationship and hadn't had time to develop the trust that an established couple would have.

I would also like to see the author focus more on developing the supporting characters so they can be a stronger part of the story. I think it would be interesting to see future stories focus on the witch hunters and the other alphas.
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