Tempting Mr. Tremaine

BL Bonita
Tempting Mr. Tremaine
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Noble Romance Publishing
Release Date
December 2010
Erotic Romance

What must a woman do to get a man's attention?

Janna has a secret. She's secretly loved and fantasized about her boss since she began working for him two years ago. Time after time, she's failed to draw his notice, until one fateful day she comes across the book, How to Tempt a Man . . . for the Desperate Woman.

Armed with a naughty to-do list, Janna embarks on a journey to capture Mr. Tremaine's attention, for any hot-blooded man cannot ignore the power of a passionate woman . . . can he?

Book Review by SusanRenee (reviewer)
Jan 07, 2011   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Who hasn't had a bit of a crush on their boss or someone in charge?

Since she started working for him, Janna has been in love with her boss Damien Tremaine. With encouragement from her best friend and the help of a book, Janna finally decides it's time to tempt Mr. Tremaine into an affair.

The heady rush that accompanies the forbidden lust can be intoxicating at the very least. BL Bonita is able to put all those sensations onto the page in a way that makes the reader feel all those emotions along with Janna.

Another interesting aspect was the use of the "How to Tempt a Man…for the Desperate Woman." It was a humorous device that helped Janna have the courage to seduce her boss.

Sadly, the story did feel a bit short and the reader didn't get to know the characters that well. The characters in TEMPTING MR. TREMAINE are likable though and make this story a fun little read that packs a lot of sensuality into only a few pages.
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