Friendly Temptation

Elaine Radley
Friendly Temptation
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The Wild Rose Press, Inc.
Release Date
June 2013
Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance

Ever since Katherine Ainsley's divorce, a hazy line has emerged in her relationship with best friend Dominic Corvalis—one teetering between companionship and lust. When he proposes a dare, she rises to the challenge, even after she finds herself in a place she's never imagined. Besides, Dom is there to support and tease, and the sexual tension percolating beneath their naughty errand is simply too tempting to resist. Perhaps they are meant to be more than just friends. She'll never know until she pushes him across that line...and into the bedroom.

Book Review by Angie Just Read... (reviewer)
Aug 01, 2013   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Something has changed between two long-time friends now that they're both single again. Should they keep their status quo friendship or should they risk giving in to temptation?

Since her divorce a year ago, Katherine's been feeling a new vibe every time she's around her friend Dominic. The hunky one-time cop turned college professor is now constantly challenging her to do more with her life than simply grade college essays; he wants her to start living outside of her little vanilla world. So when Dominic dares her to get a tattoo, Katherine is apprehensive but she can't back down from the challenge without consequences. If she chickens out, she'll have to buy Dom dinner. Maybe it's the innuendo that now seems to lace his every conversation with her that makes her accept the dare, or maybe it's the underlying current of sexual tension they're both feeling and trying so hard to suppress. Whatever it is, it's changing their relationship and, if they act upon it, it could ruin a great friendship.

Dominic's been divorced a lot longer than Katherine and he's always liked living on the edge, even though he's raising a teenage daughter. Yet, lately, just being there for Katherine hasn't been enough. He's certain he and Katherine are starting to see one another in a new light, but wanting her when she might not feel the same leaves him walking a dangerous line. His playful innuendo and double entendre has them laughing one moment and uncomfortable the next. Dom's not sure how long he can reign in his own desires or if acting upon them will wreck what he has with Katherine.

FRIENDLY TEMPTATION is a sexually charged dynamo of a story that burns hot and fast. All of the action takes place in one night filled with apprehension, humor, and passion, and the intensity Ms. Radley creates between Dominic and Katherine absolutely sizzles. The author handles the back story of this mature couple's friendship in such a way that it's easy to believe their transition from friends to lovers because of the care Ms. Radley takes in sharing the thoughts and actions of these two characters who are both ready to risk their friendship for something deeper.

Warning: Sensual scenes may prompt the need to cool down with Tiramisu ice cream.
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