Accidental Chemistry

Susan Laine
Accidental Chemistry
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Dreamspinner Press
Release Date
July 2013
Book 2 of Second Chances
Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, LGBTQ, Romantic Comedy

Zane Roscoe's evil day job at a musical instrument store is supposed to teach him responsibility. What he really wants is the fun, excitement, and artistic challenge of being a musician. Joshua Norton is in college, training to become a pharmaceutical chemist, and he is Zane's complete opposite: introverted, intellectual, and quiet. When the two meet at a gay night club, their relationship begins with a case of mistaken identity and a wounded ego.

They try talking but stumble over one miscommunication after another. So Zane decides they better stick to sex—except a series of bumbling disasters, accidents big and small, and minor mishaps leads to frustration. Afterward, Zane wants to apologize for his behavior. But Joshua ran, and finding him turns into a test of character, as does earning Joshua's forgiveness. Can they find the new beginning they need for a second chance at love?

Book Review by Susan Mac Nicol (author)
Feb 18, 2014   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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This was such a sweet, sexy, and yes, romantic story that I wanted to re-read it as soon as I'd finished it.

Josh Norton is in college studying to become a pharmaceutical chemist. He's shy, clever, introverted, and is definitely not the usual type of man that Zane Roscoe, musician, is attracted to. But one can't control fate. He sees Joshua at the gay club they are both at, and after something of a misunderstanding, Zane feels honor bound to right things and apologize to Josh.

It's a really amusing seduction scene with Zane doing his best but these two men just can't seem to get it right to start with. First, there's the awkward head butt. Then there's the moment when Zane thinks he's being judged and gets all hard-arsed. And then for the climax, and not in the way either of them wanted it, there's the fall down the stairs. And even when that's out of the way, another chance comment from Zane about opening a window and 'smoking' offends Josh and poor Zane has to clarify his situation. I mean, talk about disastrous first dates.

But then it gets hot and heavy, and yep, you guessed it. Another incident which has Zane accidentally tearing Josh's shirt off his shoulders. I loved the whole approach to this scene, these two men trying so hard to get it on and being thwarted by fate at every turn. But it's the turning point for some sexy shenanigans as Josh realizes just how much Zane wants him. The things turn really bad as Zane does something stupid...and Josh disappears.

This is a tale about two diverse men coming together in the flames of hot passion and realizing they want more. It's about one man trying to put things right and another's emotions about not getting hurt. Josh is sweet, tough and totally adorable. Zane is streetwise, tough on the outside and a player, but he wants Josh badly. He's gruff but his heart is big and he knows he's fallen hard.

Susan Laine always writes these wonderful stories of thwarted love, her characters rich and fascinating, her plotlines keep you turning the pages like an avaricious vulture trying to tear the meat off the bones quicker than you actually can eat it. I chuckle, I cry, I feel emotions and I love her writing.

This is a definite recommended read in my opinion. Josh and Zane's story was over far too quickly. :(
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