Natalie Unleashed

Summer Newman
Natalie Unleashed


Release Date
August 2013
Action/Adventure Romance, Erotic Romance

Natalie Prescott, a self-confessed boring librarian, is flying toward a spa in the Canadian wilderness when she gets drawn into a deadly game of revenge.

The handsome Roman Wolfe is set up by a billionaire named Viktor, a man who unjustly blames Roman for his son's death. Viktor pays the pilot to transport Roman to an isolated camp hundreds of miles from the search area for their soon to be reported missing plane. There are six innocent vacationers, including Natalie, an elderly couple, and a pregnant woman. It's autumn, and most of them will die if they stay at the camp. Roman must go for help, but it's 450 miles away through unforgiving wilderness, and Viktor has hired assassins to kill anyone who moves more than three miles from the camp. Roman makes his bid, but takes Natalie and the handsome Sven with him.

The danger is ever present, but Natalie's sexual energies are unleashed in raging tempests of passion with her two lovers.
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