Going All In

Cassandra Carr; Isabo Kelly; Stacey Agdern
Going All In
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T&D Publishing (self-pubbed)
Release Date
August 2013
Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance

Going All In-
Professional hockey players Marcus, Alex, and Chris attend their team's Vegas Night fundraiser unaware their lives will change forever. Can they face their difficulties and win the most important game of their lives – the game of love? These guys are going all in…

HEDGING HIS BET: Cassandra Carr
Marcus Mitchell never thought he'd find the love of his life with champagne dripping from her shirt rather than walking the runway at Fashion Week like the models he usually preferred, but you can't always plan these things. Annalise Alonso isn't going to make it easy for him, though—he's going to have to work for her love. Now, Marcus is taking a shot and hedging his bet on love.

After she sees his murder in a vision, Nathalie Mendez has to warn star hockey goalie Alexander Semenov of the danger. To keep him alive, she risks exposing her many secrets. But once the die is cast, her biggest gamble involves her heart.

Melanie Gould has been dubbed ‘The Girl in the Lace Corset'. But she doesn't always like to be the loud mouth defender of the romances she writes, and is definitely not good at playing the games relationships require. Of course, she's never gone head to head with a guy like Chris Emerson. Chris is trying to behave, and someone like Melanie would destroy his plans to stay under the radar. So what happens when the ‘Girl in the Lace Corset' and the NHL's most infamous bad boy go one on one? Will they play her game? Will they play his? Or will they both end up in the penalty box?

Book Review by Delta (reviewer)
Aug 21, 2013   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Hockey season may have already ended, but GOING ALL IN will make you beg for some ice to cool yourself down! New York Empires players Marcus, Alex and Chris are each taken by surprise when they meet the women of their dreams at a Vegas Night fundraiser. Follow their adventures of love in this steamy anthology.

Hedging His Bet by Cassandra Carr

Annalise Alonso is on the job as a waitress when a huge bald man sends her champagne tray crashing to the floor. Marcus Mitchell is struck by the sight of the tiny curvaceous woman in the white shirt dripping with bubbly and close to tears. Marcus feels something special for this woman, but Annalise can't understand why a rich, gorgeous man would pay any attention to a poor and damaged woman like her. But the harder Annalise pushes Marcus away, the more his protective instincts kick in, and he's determined to show her that she's the woman for him.

A true Cinderella story set in modern NYC, Hedging His Bet is both sweet and sexy. I absolutely loved Marcus' character, he was sweet and sexy yet tender and playful. I truly didn't get what he saw in Annalise, as pretty much every word out of her mouth was either short or said in exasperation. I couldn't connect with her at all, therefore I had a hard time getting behind their relationship as a whole.

The sex in the story was pretty good, quite vanilla but well written. The entire story was written well, but the strange and stilted dialogue along with a very abrupt ending left me desiring more out of the usually excellent Ms Carr.

Casting the Die by Isabo Kelly

Nathalie Mendez has a problem. She's had a vision of Empires goalie Alexander Semenov being shot and killed. When she tells him what she's seen, Alex wants to know why the team's sexy physical therapist is giving him a strange warning about a blackmailer he's told nobody about. Nathalie agrees to shadow Alex on his daily routine to see if they can figure out the location that she spotted in her vision, and as the two spend more time together, their feelings grow deeper. Can two extremely private people stop the threat against Alex without the press getting wind of their budding relationship?

I really enjoyed Casting the Die by Ms. Kelly. Nathalie was a terrific character, very down-to-earth yet passionate in all she does. Alex is the strong, silent type, and their chemistry is immediate and strong. The dialogue between the two is fantastic, very realistic and almost like foreplay sometimes.

I'm not typically one for paranormal elements in stories, but Ms. Kelly did an excellent job at weaving Nathalie's abilities into this story seamlessly. I did feel like there could've been more sexcapades between the pair, especially since their connection was so explosive, but overall I thought this was a great story.

Playing Her Game by Stacey Agdern

Trouble seems to follow NY Empires player Chris "Emo" Emerson, despite his best efforts to stay out of the spotlight. And keeping clear of the press is definitely what Chris needs to do while the Empires are on their winning streak. When Chris meets the "Girl in the Lace Corset", romance writer extraordinaire Melanie Gould, he can tell that this woman is different. Known for her wild, kick-ass image, Mel is absolutely not the woman Chris should be spending time with if he wants to stay out of the press, but neither can deny the immediate sparks that fly between them. When Mel's scandalous image threatens to derail Chris' attempts to lay low, the two of them have to come to terms with what exactly is important in life.

Playing Her Game was completely confusing and I ended up having to re-read portions of this story over and over just to try and understand what Ms. Agdern was trying to get across. It was difficult to really "get" why Chris needed to protect his siblings or what Mel did to make her so brazen. The sex in the book was okay, rather skipped over and dry. While Chris and Mel did share strong chemistry and I liked them together, I felt like I was missing a big piece of back story that would've given me more understanding of what was going on. Overall, I was disappointed in this lackluster addition to an otherwise decent book.
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