Worth Waiting For

Xondra Day
Worth Waiting For
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Iron Rose Press
Release Date
August 2012

Twice in a lifetime?

Craig isn't one for having friends. In fact, he's content being a loner until he meets new guy, Jason one summer's day.

Jason is everything Craig isn't. Jason is handsome, athletic, and charismatic. But Jason also harbors a deep secret. Soon they form a fast friendship that changes into something much more.

After an impromptu trip to visit Jason's estranged gay brother, Craig reveals Jason's dark secret and Jason vows to never see Craig again before he sends him away.

Years pass and Craig moves on with his life. After a couple of bad relationships, he's done with dating and finding Mr. Right. But when an older and more mature Jason steps back into his life looking to hookup again, he can't help but wonder if there's still a spark waiting to be relit between them.

Book Review by Susan Mac Nicol (author,reviewer)
Sep 03, 2013   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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This is a sweet YA romance about Craig and Jason, both seventeen and only just starting to find themselves. They meet in the neighbourhood when Craig is trying to get his dad's old lawnmower to work. Craig is instantly smitten with the handsome boy next door. Craig himself knows he's gay but he's not so sure about Jason. Not yet anyway.

But Jason is harbouring a secret, one that Craig tries to keep to himself but can't for long. Jason is being abused at home by his father and the ugly bruises and lacerations on his body make Craig want to take care of his friend, but he's unsure how Jason will react when he finds out Craig is gay.

As they say in the classics, everything happens for a reason, and before much longer, both young men are involved in a relationship that means the world to both of them. Then Craig has to make a very hard decision which means Jason turning away from him, even though it was the right thing to do. They are torn apart by this decision.

This was sweet story about two young men finding each other, losing each other, then finding one other again over five years later when they are older and a little more experienced in the world of both love and sex. I enjoyed the characters of both the main characters. Craig was a loving, giving individual, and Jason was the more repressed, angst driven one, but they made a lovely foil for each other. The writing style was easy reading, and I just loved Craig's dad. He was a loving and concerned father with a heart of gold.

I sometimes found the writing style a little simplistic, but overall this was a story worth reading, with some lovely emotional moments.
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