Emma Lang
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Beth Williamson
Release Date
August 2013
Book 4 of Circle Eight
Erotic Romance, Historical Romance, Western Romance

A con man. A rancher's daughter. A wildfire out of control.

Elizabeth Graham spends her days running the business side of the Circle Eight ranch. Her knack for numbers and organization lent themselves to her position in the family. She has just turned twenty-one and doubts she will find a man to spend her life with. Elizabeth doesn't believe in love, after all, and when she means a charlatan named Vaughn Montgomery, her opinion doesn't waver. At first.

Vaughn Montgomery is down to the lint in his pocket and the handsome smile he uses as a weapon. His last con in New Orleans went wrong and he fled west. Now he finds himself trapped in the middle of nowhere Texas. And at the mercy of a hard-nosed woman who wears shapeless dresses and whose tongue can cut blocks of wood.

Unwilling to bend and unable to forgive, Elizabeth and Vaughn get caught up in a web of lies that stretches from Austin to Dallas. She finds herself falling for the man who can't seem to tell the truth and he can't get enough of a woman who can only speak truths. Together they have to save the Circle Eight and try to avoid falling in love.

Book Review by Lisa Jo
Aug 12, 2013   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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The Circle Eight gang rides again in Emma Lang's latest installment, VAUGHN. Ms Lang delivers another grand romantic adventure featuring a formidable heroine paired with a mischievous cowboy that is sure to provides tons of entertainment!

Elizabeth Graham has come to expect the unexpected at the Circle Eight Ranch, but she certainly wasn't expecting a naked, injured young man on her doorstep. Unable to abandon the poor soul, Elizabeth cares for the stranger as he recovers. From the minute he first wakes, Elizabeth senses something different about this handsome drifter. She wastes little time fussing over any beaus of her own, but Vaughn Montgomery stirs something inside her that she's never felt with any other man. What she doesn't know is that Vaughn is in a heap of trouble that he'll be hard pressed to get out of anytime soon. When Elizabeth gets caught in the middle, Vaughn knows he has to do anything and everything he can to make it right. For a woman that doesn't believe in love and a man that doesn't understand the value of family, Elizabeth and Vaughn find that they can give each other exactly what they have been missing.

If you are looking for the unique western heroine, look no further than Elizabeth Graham. She was tough, sassy and, at most times, painfully honest. She was the kind of character that fed the truth to you without sugar coating it. Her unique and direct boldness makes her really stand out from the other siblings. Vaughn, on the other hand, was a great tortured cowboy. Mainly because he had such a bad opinion of himself because of his actions, when everything he was doing was based on the primal need to survive. Of course, it didn't make what his actions right, but it also didn't mean he was a bad guy. Underneath it all, he was a lost but gentle and kind soul.

I love these characters, but of course, their romance is what sealed the deal. Elizabeth and Vaughn complemented each other extremely well. Elizabeth felt romantic love never had any place in her life, but Vaughn came along and showed her how completely wrong she was. He proved that she didn't need to try and do everything on her own and could bring her guard down every once in a while. Vaughn became her partner in many ways and gave her someone to rely on and trust, whereas Elizabeth taught Vaughn the difference in the value of material things versus the value of family. She made him see the importance of being truthful and living an honest life. They were two completely different people from two different situations but they fit together perfectly.

If you've been traveling with the Grahams as long as I have, be prepared for a little heartbreak. A few minor tragedies shake the family, but could never weaken this fierce group of brothers and sisters for long. As you would expect, the family unites together and becomes stronger than ever to make it through the rough times. While some chapters may leave you with tears in your eyes, the central point of the story is a delectable romance. VAUGHN is a romance full of passion, emotion and pure excitement that you will not want to end.

The obvious fact is that VAUGHN is another great addition to the fabulous Circle Eight series. VAUGHN delivers a rough and rowdy adventure that readers will love because of the western charm, beautiful characters and indestructible heart of this family. My love and appreciation for the Graham family seems to grow with each novel as another couple proves love can conquer anything. VAUGHN is a great example of this. Readers will love this western romance about a redeemable con man and the spunky young lady who won his heart.
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