Cowboy Crush

Eve Cassidy
Cowboy Crush
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Breathless Press
Release Date
November 2010
Erotic Romance, LGBTQ, Western Romance

When the future depends on trust—things might get a little rowdy.

After receiving a Dear John letter from his fiancée, Eli Smith isn¡¯t sure what comes next. He¡¯s spent years going from one rodeo to the next, biding his time and saving his money for the ranch he wanted to call home. Unfortunately, he tries to find the answers at the local saloon—too bad the more he drinks, the more he can¡¯t stop thinking about the attraction he¡¯s had to deny. Until now¡¦

Ready to hit the road, Vinn hunts down his circuit companion and best friend, Eli. The last place he expected to find him was in the saloon drowning himself in the bottom of a bottle of whiskey. As if things weren¡¯t complicated enough with the ever-growing attraction between them. But alcohol lowers inhibitions, and for a few brief minutes, Vinn entertains thoughts of going for it—despite the fiancée, despite the friendship, and despite the fact Eli isn¡¯t gay.

Rodeos and cowboys make good bedfellows. But do you risk a friendship simply to scratch an itch?

Book Review by Rebecca
Dec 16, 2010   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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COWBOY CRUSH is a short, compelling love story.

Within a few number of pages, Ms Cassidy gives the reader a peek into the lives and emotions of her two lead characters, Eli and Vinn. It is easy to form a connection and sympathize with their conflicting emotions.

After losing his longtime fiancé, Eli is lost and not sure what to do when he's spent years going from one rodeo to the next, saving money for a ranch and a family of his dreams. When he tries to find the answers in a bar, Vinn comes to his rescue.

With his inhibitions lowered by a bit of liquid courage in the form of alcohol, his attraction to Vinn, his traveling partner and best friend, is not so easily denied. Ms Cassidy vividly portrayed Eli as a man on the brink of self-discovery, afraid to admit what he had already realized was inside him.

But once he acted on his growing attraction, things were never quite the same again, leaving Vinn confused since his best friend isn't even gay. The relationship evolves easily between the two men with the natural ebb and flow. Using snappy dialogue, the reader understands the friendship and the burgeoning emotions as two men overcome stereotypes and permit their tender emotions to rise to the surface.

My only contention with the story is that we never see them in the rodeo. While Ms Cassidy mentions cowboy hats and has them traveling in their camper, few other references aside from the title were made to set this as a western romance. It could've happened anywhere. And with the title, I was looking forward to some bull riding. Some action / rodeo experiences would've built some excitement.

For a story of friendship and love, give COWBOY CRUSH a try - you won't be disappointed.
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