Love is ...

Barbara Donlon Bradley
Love is ...

Melange Books
Release Date
February 2011
Erotic Romance, Fantasy Romance

Love Is…?
Love is many things, humorous, romantic, magical. In this variety of tales, Barbara Bradley will take you on a journey from the whimsical to the fantastic and pleasurable side of love.
A Wizard For Hire
Stephanie? A legend? Wizards? For real? When she flees down a corridor and finds herself in another world filled with magic and love Stephanie finds herself questioning all her beliefs.
Crystals & Disappearing Cats
Being called Glenda the good witch all her life drove her crazy. When the crystal she inherits takes her to another world where witches are real, she suddenly has to live up to her namesake.
Picture Perfect
Susan's homework assignment was simple. Bring something inanimate to life. Simple. Use a manikin. Poor Warren. He didn't plan on being captured inside the manikin Susan decided to use.
A Fish Out of Water
At the shore, throwing a wayward stone brings a handsome, brings a naked man to Sarah's feet. Too late, she learns he's a fish out of water.


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