A Gypsy's Bride

Chloe Glint
A Gypsy's Bride

Beau to Beau Books
Release Date
November 2012
Erotic Romance, Historical fiction, Historical Novel with Romantic Elements, Historical Romance, Romantic Comedy

When Sir Clay of York gambles with a gypsy named Luca, he doesn't expect to lose his coins as well as his pride due to the gypsy's cheating ways. He doesn't expect to lose his daughter, Rosie, in the mix either. While he has no love for Rosie with her pale skin, white hair, and red eyes, he detests that he has been bested by the hated gypsies and he vows revenge. He will give Luca his daughter, but he will find a way to get her back and get even with the gypsies at the same time. The gypsy, Luca, needs a wife after his father stole his betrothed from him years earlier and so he tells the Englishman, "Bring your daughter to me one week from now." In the gypsy world, gypsies marry gypsies, and now Luca must face the consequences of his bet. After having been imprisoned and beaten in her own home, Rosie is both thrilled and frightened when she hears that she is to be wed. Though she knows nothing of this man, she never dreamed that she would ever be allowed to leave her father's house. When she asks about her wedding and the man who is to be her husband, Rosie's father refuses to tell her anything.


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