Fake Fiance, Real Revenge

Roxanne Snopek
Fake Fiance, Real Revenge
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Entangled Publishing, LLC
Release Date
August 2013
Book 3 of Three Rivers Ranch
Contemporary Romance, Western Romance

This cowboy doesn't know what he's in for…

Real-estate tycoon Mitchell Granger has a problem. In order to secure a lucrative deal with an eccentric client, he told the teeny white lie that he was engaged…and now he needs to prove it. Even worse? The only name that came to mind was Sabrina Becker, the girl he was never good enough for growing up, and who still lives near his family ranch.

Sabrina doesn't mind posing as Mitch's fake fiancée—no, she doesn't mind at all. One, she'll make him pay with new construction for her business. And two, Sabrina's got a plan to exact revenge on her first love, the boy who left her and Three River Ranch behind. She'll pretend so well, he'll fall in love with her…and then he'll get a taste of what true heartbreak feels like.

But as Mitch sheds his corporate skin and picks up his dusty jeans and cowboy hat, will both his and Sabrina's grand plans get derailed by love?

Book Review by Angie Just Read... (reviewer)
Aug 29, 2013   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Years ago, she wasn't what he needed so she set him free, but she never got over him. And, though he stayed away, he never forgot her.

When Mitch Granger left Montana and Three River Ranch, he never had any intention of returning. He was the screw up, the dyslexic who barely graduated high school, the one who would never measure up to his father's expectations. He'd made his way to Seattle and, with hard work and single-minded determination, he'd moved from unskilled construction jobs into the realm of real estate. He'd built wealth and was on the verge of being a big name beyond the reaches of Seattle. Della Fontaine could get him there; make him the next big thing.

But the prospect of being a household name in the realms of the ultra-rich apparently came with a string attached, and that string was putting a ring on Della's stepdaughter's finger, no matter that both he and Paris, the lady in question, were appalled by the idea. So, to keep his dream alive, Mitch scrambled for a convincing lie. He was already engaged. They'd kept it quiet. The lucky lady's name was Sabrina Becker and she lived in his hometown of Lutherton, Montana. Della accepted the lie, but she still had a task for him regarding the ideas for her next project.

When midwife Sabrina Becker's high-school sweetheart Mitch Granger called begging her to pose as his fake fiancé while he brought a client to town to show her the ranching operations for a proposed high-end dude ranch real estate venture, Sabrina got angry and hung up. But she took the second call from him. He promised if she'd do him this favor, he'd add a wing to the birthing center she owned. But, she'd not only let him do that, she'd break his heart the way he broke hers when he left town. They had unfinished business and she was sure she could still entice him with her feminine wiles while keeping her heart secured at a distance.

What neither she nor Mitch counted on was the heartfelt connection that never died, or the way they'd once felt completely whole together when they were wrapped in each other's arms. Fate was giving them a second chance. But can the need for vengeance ever die when Sabrina knows upfront that Mitch's future plans don't include staying in Montana?

Unlike the couples featured in books Three River Ranch and His Reluctant Rancher, Mitch and Sabrina share a past, but Mitch failed a small test question Sabrina put to him when he was eighteen. She wouldn't allow herself to hold him back knowing he'd never be happy in Lutherton tied down to a teenage bride, with neither of them having any prospects for a better life. But Sabrina never expected the love of her life to cut all ties to her and completely disappear from her life, and she couldn't seem to forgive Mitch for that. Never given the chance to reveal all her heart's secrets, Sabrina's got some confessions to make, and all fake fiancé playacting aside, Mitch is going to know just how much courage it took to let him go all those years ago.

As for Mitch, revisiting Lutherton means revisiting his feelings of being unworthy, of not being good enough, but some people always believed in him and they were only let down when he left town and didn't return. Can he reconcile the man he thinks he is now with the failure of the boy he always thought he was? And, as for all this playacting, it's driving him insane with want for the girl he left behind. But he didn't belong here before, and he's not really sure time and maturity has changed anything.

With her knack for good storytelling and the ability to create appealing couples with compelling stories, Roxanne Snopek adds another gem to the Three River Ranch series. Mitch and Sabrina both must do some soul searching to set aside old baggage they still carry, and despite the warm embrace he receives from those who still care, Mitch must accept the past, but learn that he can no longer let it dictate his future happiness. Fans of the talented Ms. Snopek, and I include myself among them, will be as delighted as I was to read Mitch's story, and I hope to see this author add more books to this wonderful series featuring the ranching families in the Three River area of Lutherton, Montana.

Features mild sexual scenes.
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Book Review by CozyReader (reviewer)
Jul 10, 2014   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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A man who believes no one wants him back in his hometown. He believes that he needs to impress them in order to get their okay. A woman who believes that she did what she needed in life, but when the opportunity came to seek revenge against the man who left her brokenhearted, she had to take it. But did she ever think about what he felt?

Mitchell "Mitch" Granger has a very successful real estate business that he owned together with someone else, and he is about to close a very good deal. Only, he never thought that the person he was dealing with would try to fix him up with her daughter. He didn't like it, and before he knew what was happening, he was saying that he was engaged to Sabrina, the woman that he loved before.

Sabrina Becker is the midwife in Lutherton and her heart had never healed. She owns a small birthing center that needs bigger delivery rooms and new equipment. Sabrina thought she would never see or hear from Mitch again, but when she gets a phone call from him, she can't believe it. This is her opportunity for revenge, and on top of that, she will be able to have him renovate her sanctuary, her work place.

Mitch can't believe he is back, as he has not seen his brother for about a year, and on top of that, he hasn't seen Sabrina in ten years. He has to talk to Sabrina so their story is believable, especially in front of Della, the person that he wants to get a contract from. Though it seems everyone truly believe that they are engage, there is someone who sees through the lies.

Can Sabrina go through with her revenge or will Mitch be able to make her see that he also hurt? Will Mitch and Sabrina be able to keep their heart out of their fake engagement or will one of them end up brokenhearted again?

FAKE FIANCÉ, REAL REVENGE is a wonderfully written story that had me between smiling to laughing to some tearful moments. There was bantering and some pretty good flirting that had me laughing out loud and at some point, I needed to make sure I was not reading this in public because some people might have thought I was a little crazy.

The characters were well developed and they seemed so real. Mitch was one sexy, stubborn, captivating man who needed to learn when to shut his mouth. Then there is Sabrina. She was wicked, smart and very independent but needed to push her emotions aside and see what Mitch was going through.

I loved the setting of this story. The terrain was beautiful and I wouldn't mind living out in the country, especially around mustangs. I especially love how this story ended and how Mitch was able to see that he was worth it, that his family loved him unconditionally, and that he could have come home sooner. I love what he did, not only for himself but for two wonderful girls who deserved to belong somewhere.

This story was beautifully written; the pace of the story was perfect. Ms. Snopek has a very creative mind that at no point was I bored or ready for the story to end. It was quite the opposite. I didn't want for it to end; I wanted to continue laughing, smiling, maybe even have more tears running down my face. All I have to say is that I can't wait to read the first two books in this series.

I totally recommend this read to every reader!!
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