L.A. Witt
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Loose ID
Release Date
July 2013
Alternate Universe, Erotic Romance, LGBTQ

Skin to skin contact is illegal. Sex? A felony.  Insulated suits and gloves keep people from even the most platonic touches. Citizens line up in droves at simhouses for their rationed, prescribed orgasms in virtual reality machines.

Keith Borden has worked in a simhouse for years, and he's never been tempted to break the strict no-contact laws...until Aiden Maxwell comes along. The attractive and dangerously flirtatious patient invites him into the seedy underground where people engage in real, wireless sex. Though Keith stands to lose his career and his freedom, he's curious and Aiden is irresistible.

From the moment he sets foot in the wireless lounge, Keith is in a world of flesh and fantasy. He's hooked. On the sex, on the atmosphere, and most of all, on Aiden. Years of keeping everyone in his world at arm's length have left Keith craving a human touch, and Aiden offers all the contact--scorching sex, gentle affection, and everything in between--Keith can handle.

That is, until an unexpected act of betrayal throws Keith's world into chaos, and he finds himself more alone than he ever imagined possible...

Book Review by Lynn (reviewer)
Aug 29, 2013   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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In WIRELESS, we are taken to a futuristic society where touch is forbidden and sex is only had by fugitives in underground clubs.

In an effort to rid the world of sexually transmitted diseases and the deaths they were causing, the government has banned sex and any physical contact that might lead to sex. Everyone is required to wear head-to-toe suits, including gloves, to avoid skin to skin contact. However, the government recognizes that sexual release is needed to keep people from going mad, so they have created simhouses. This is where people go to get their prescribed dose of orgasms… from a virtual reality machine.

Keith has worked in a simhouse for years and was never effected by the nudity or sexual simulations until Aiden started coming in for sessions. Keith can't explain his feelings towards Aiden, but he knows he has to have his sessions right after Aiden leaves to curb the desire he feels. When Aiden requests a sim partner that looks just like Keith, it confirms Keith's suspicions that Aiden has been flirting with him. Aiden risks his job and his freedom by telling Keith that he participates in wireless sex in underground clubs and wants Keith to come with him. Keith can't resist the temptation and once he's experienced wireless sex, he can't imagine his life without it. Or Aiden.

This story was so unique from anything else I've ever read. I love the idea of using disease elimination as a platform to outlaw sex, but not sexual release. Is this the government's way of making sure people don't go crazy from a buildup of sexual desire or a way for the government to make money through the simhouses? Or both.

The storyline was so detailed and thought out, for example, people not even being able to touch skin with another person for fear of it creating sexual desire. And the illicit underground clubs where people go not just for sex but just to touch other people. The exploration of the idea that humans are meant to have contact with other humans to be functional members of society is fantastic. I loved the author's depictions of the addictive qualities of sex and the risks people will take to get it, like a drug!

The relationship between Aiden and Keith is very sweet and filled with adventure and emotional turmoil. They show us that love is worth taking risks for.

This was a great story that I would love to see expanded upon in a sequel. There are so many more things the author could explore in this world!
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Book Review by BookAddict (reviewer)
Sep 17, 2013   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Speculative fiction is never so eerily plausible as in WIRELESS. In a mix of Big Brother and prude Victorian sexual repression, WIRELESS shows a scary future of isolation. Humans are prevented from any type of bonds. There are no connections because the government paints any type of physical contact as subversive. Those interested in even touching another person are one step away from the physical sexual act. In this future, sex is prescribed as a medication which can only be taken through a virtual machine simulating sexual relations. It's clinical and without feeling. Having relations outside of the simulation machines is even illegal since there are cameras in everyone's home to monitor.

Keith is an average citizen frightened by the perverted people going native with skin to skin loving. He operates the sex machines to get people off. It is as if he is living in a dream and suddenly wakes up. The catalyst is Aiden, a patient who creates a virtual sex partner resembling Keith. Aiden leads Keith down a path of forbidden lusts come to life. It's hot, sweaty and completely illegal. All of these encounters are hidden away from the cameras which seem to exist everywhere in this world.

While Ms. Witt creates a seemingly crazy world, is it really that far off? There are cameras all over most cities. Cabs have video cameras. All homes with computers or laptops have cameras. Even the video gaming systems like Xbox have cameras which can be controlled remotely. Anyone telling you otherwise is lying. With the NSA now piggy backing on internet connections and monitoring people's activity, what is the next step? Isn't that how it all starts? In the name of eradicating sexually transmitted diseases, the government in this story pushes for sex with machines. Has anyone seen the latest advances in sex toys? My closet is filled with them and I have noticed an uptick in erotic toy usages and decrease in physical relations with a human partner. There are some disturbing parallels which Ms. Witt highlights in an extreme way.

Ms. Witt does a great job of creating a "what if" scenario. Her characters are secondary to the concepts she brings to light. However, the scenarios are not well fleshed out. She needs to take it one step further with more ramifications of these government controls. The reader sees the result of the laws, but what else will happen due to these rules? How did it all start? Is there a beginning and is this just in the former state of California? What other conspiracies are there? What about the people in control? How are they living? I find it hard to believe those in control are following the same rules. Is this worldwide or just an isolated location? And why is it that Keith is being monitored more than others?

There are threads to this story which are left hanging. If there is a follow up story to expand the world and provide more background, it would help. As a standalone, it leaves the reader a bit dissatisfied with unanswered questions. The contrast between fake and real sex is well done and increases the sensual sensations. This m/m dystopia story is recommended for those who love conspiracy theories.
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