Fall Into Winter

Eden Baylee
Fall Into Winter
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Release Date
January 2011
BDSM, Erotic Romance, Ménage or more

In Fall into Winter, a provocative collection of erotic novellas, four women seek pleasure in unique ways and are soon swept up in maelstroms of lust, seduction, and obsession.

After Ella Jamieson trades self-control for a stolen moment of unbridled passion with a younger man, he surprisingly pursues her, leaving her wondering if he could become more to her than just a boy toy. After Stella Christy's fantasy of a ménage à trois with two men comes true, the rules suddenly change; she finds herself excited and terrified in ways she never imagined possible. Leah Jones isolates herself in a cabin to complete her latest book, but is soon distracted from her goal when she reunites with a man from her past. Ten years after Elena Lee enjoys a torrid love affair while vacationing in Austria, she is back in historic Salzburg with doubts about why she left.

Knee-deep in steamy affairs, these four women will make choices that eventually lead each of them on an unforgettable sensual journey to ecstasy.

Contains graphic language and sexual content.

Book Review by Eta
Jan 13, 2011   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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I don't like to read short stories. I like to start a book, get to know the characters and totally enjoy them and the stories that accompany them. That is why I took this book with reserve. And I was pleasantly surprised. Eden Baylee had written her stories in that way that you simply need to surrender to them while reading them. It is hard not to find some part of yourself in at least one of the stories.

The book follows the life of four different women, how they find themselves and give themselves another chance for a better life. I believe this book would suit everyone's taste, as each story is dosed in small quantities, enough to satisfy and not be too much, from a gentle erotic scene to spanking and light BDSM scene.


Very erotic story, intertwined with two very sexy characters and jazz. Could not be hotter than this.

Ella is a woman in her late thirties, successful, sexy and very happy with life. That evening she went to the club in the hope that it will be a good time, and she'd find a man with whom she will end up with for that night. Then she meets John. Refined, perfect, interesting - but twelve years younger.

Besides the really hot and romantic moments, I liked the story because it showed how much years do not matter. Even if John is younger than she is, he was fulfilling everything that Ella was looking for in a man. Slowly opening up to each other will lead her to break her rule -- one nightstand.

The author nicely shows us that sometimes, it just takes one moment to realize that someone is made for you -- love at first sight. Even if I am not a fan of jazz, Ms Baylee mentioned all the musicians and songs in that era, which are good. Reading this story led me to listen to these songs that I didn't know -- and I liked it. Nice to see that the writers really checked their facts before they use them! The story is very well written with romantic moments which give tenderness to the erotic scenes.


After a monotonous marriage, Stella has found a man who will fulfill all her fantasies and discover some new ones. Norman is the man she wanted. Successful, poised and above all, very kinky. In addition to his dungeon, Stella was introduced to the world of Norman's role-playing. Though she agreed to be with him for six months, she did not believe that in that period, she will come to know her deepest desires and find some new ones. Yet, next to him, she felt sexually free and allowed herself to suggest her greatest wish -- a ménage à trois. Joe then enters the story, a young actor and screenwriter. Stella and Norman will gradually introduce him to their world of King and Queen ...

Stella was in a sexually closed marriage and she was deprived of all dreams, making me feel for her. However, that feeling did not last long. After the first page, you will find that the King's favorite punishment is oral, and that Norman will do anything to satisfy his Queen -- agreeing to something that he never wanted -- ménage.

During the story, I felt the maturation of both characters, how they found each other through sexual games. However, Norman and Stella will not allow sex games to control their relationship, as these are only games to spice up their lives.

Note: In this story can be found a pretend rape scene.


I have to admit that this story left a stronger impression on me. More than erotic love story, The Norwegian showed how two people could heal each other's wounds and help each other move forward through life. The story follows thriller novel writer, Leah, who tragically lost her fiancé Johan and since then she isolated herself from the world to write. After losing her inspiration, she goes to the Cedar Valley to find her peace and once again devoted herself to writing. However, that night on her door knocked the Norwegian Henrik – and Leah believed that the ghost from her past has returned…

As the story slowly develops, you become familiar with Leah's pain and it is almost impossible to remain indifferent. She is trying to reconcile with her past and let the future in her life. Same as her, Hernik also struggles with his past, which also has a tragic end.

The amazing similarities between Johan and Henrik frightened Leah at first. However, Leah forced herself to see Henrik through different eyes, and she will realize that the similarities she saw really do not exist. Her absolution with Johan and Henrik's emotional recovery give this story really touching moments.

In a beautiful winter environment, the author conjured up a beautiful love story that shows that tragedy in one's life does not necessarily means the end, but perhaps the beginning of something else. Certainly, this story shows how much a human being needs to reconcile with what has happened in order to move on.

I have to admit that I felt tears in my eyes at the end. The end is written nicely and is impossible for the reader to remain indifferent. Truly a beautiful story.


I have to say that this story is my favorite. Racial and cultural differences are not an obstacle when it comes to true love. Even years that have passed cannot overrun love that is worthy.

Elena, a Canadian with Asian origin, meets interesting company in Phuket while traveling around the world. Three Austrians fulfill her days and create a beautiful friendship. However, Stefen and Elena created something stronger than friendship between them, and the years won't be able to destroy it.

In this short story with a gap of ten years, is shown young love, which survived in spite of everything. Elena learned a lot on that trip, but mostly about herself. At first, she didn't understand that her feelings for Stefan have evolved. When she understood, she could no longer be without him. He woke the deepest desire in her, which no man could satisfy. And Stefan, at first a reserved Austrian, gentleman above all, always knew his feelings towards the beautiful Asian, but he just didn't know how to express them. After ten years, his feelings could not stay unspoken. For me, this is the most moving story in this book.

FALL INTO WINTER is an ideal book for this winter season. The book surprised me and gave me more than I expected. I certainly recommend it and hope that you will also like it as much as I did.
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