Just One Night, Part 2: Exposed

Kyra Davis
Just One Night, Part 2: Exposed
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Release Date
March 2013
Book 2 of Just One Night Series
Erotic Romance

Part 2 of the Just One Night series. One passionate night with a stranger turned Kasie's world upside down, and just when she thought she was getting the hang of things, her fiancé finds out...

You should sleep with a stranger—those words whispered in her ear by her best friend became a challenge Kasie took to heart. Suddenly, the man who gave her the most shocking pleasure in that upscale Vegas hotel—a man whose name she never bothered to find out—is her company's biggest client.

As this unknown man becomes Mr. Dade at the office, and Mr. Dade becomes Robert in the bedroom, Kasie discovers her true nature and begins to question the carefully controlled, modest image she has crafted to please her family and friends. But when her fiancé, Dave, finds out, his rage and desire to both keep her and punish her could cost her everything—including Robert, the only man who has wanted Kasie for who she really is and the only man who makes her feel truly alive.

Book Review by Bridget (reviewer)
Aug 30, 2013   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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In this second installment of Kyra Davis' Just One Night trilogy, the stakes are raised exponentially, and the tension is palpably real. Though I have recurring issues with some parts of this saga, there is no denying it is a heady and sensual read, full of decadent fantasies and the hard glimmer of reality.

Kasie made her first—and what she thought was her last—impulsive decision when she had a one-night stand in Las Vegas. But the man she met there, the man who showed her the most shocking pleasure of her life, followed her home, and now Robert Dade is her company's biggest client, as well as her secret lover.

But now that Kasie's secret is out, her entire world is near to imploding. Can she bear the consequences that will come with full exposure, or tolerate the price it will take to earn redemption? The prospect of leaving the security of her old life is terrifying, but with Robert at her side and in her bed, Kasie feels she might be strong enough to try. But is the world that Robert offers, a world where they make all the rules and force others to obey, really the world she wants?

Kyra Davis has an impressive talent for metaphor and description, and each scene of this book is wonderfully lush and intense. She conveys the all-consuming hunger of Kasie's desire for Robert very effectively, making the reader feel the pull between the two characters even when they are miles apart. The sensual prose makes the story the success that it is, and the fact that it is so well-maintained throughout the series will keep the reader totally immersed from beginning to end.

While I wish we were given a more in-depth view of Robert's life and the effect this affair is having on him, it was interesting to see how he reacted to the events of this book. We also get a bit of insight into the events in Robert's life that have made him the man he is, which were invaluable in understanding just what makes this complicated man tick.

On the opposite end of the spectrum is Kasie's fiancé Dave and the drama of their relationship. Dave is the personification of the life that is slowly suffocating Kasie, and the embodiment of her greatest fears. I found his behavior over the top in places, but effective in conveying the restrictive world that Kasie has always inhabited.

What troubled me about this installment, however, is Kasie's perception of herself and the world around her. It appears throughout this installment that she has no self-perception—that her only worth is in how others see her. When her fiancé calls her some terribly insulting names, she accepts them, accepting his perception of her as part of her identity until someone offers her a different way to see herself. I am totally willing to accept a character who needs to find herself or to develop her self-understanding, but I didn't get the sense that was happening in this book. It felt like Kasie was trying on identities that were handed to her without developing one for herself. She consequently spent the book in need of rescuing, or at least in need of redefining, and it bothered me that she was unable to see her own agency.

The smolder, impulsive need and fiery desire that colors every scene of this book keeps the pages turning and will definitely have readers coming back for the final installment of this engaging trilogy. I was frustrated by Kasie,'s perception, but I have high hopes that she will find her footing presently. The pieces have all been assembled to ensure a dynamite finale to the Just One Night series, and I am fascinated to watch it unfold.
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