Just One Night, Part 3: Binding Agreement

Kyra Davis
Just One Night, Part 3: Binding Agreement
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Release Date
January 2014
Book 3 of Just One Night Series
Erotic Romance

Part 3 of the Just One Night series. One wild night in a Vegas hotel changed everything for Kasie. Sleeping with a powerful, sexy stranger made her rethink her impending marriage, and a whole lot more.

As her affair threatens her job and the sexy billionaire Robert Dade becomes more controlling, Kasie has to figure out if her passion is leading her down a path she really wants. She's seduced by his gifts of power, success, and adventure, she's overwhelmed by what he can make her feel with a single touch, the way he can make her ache for him with just a look. But is the cost of absolute power and pleasure a price Kasie can afford? And does she truly know this man who says he can give her everything…or is he still a stranger after all?

Book Review by Bridget (reviewer)
Sep 04, 2013   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Kyra Davis's lush and increasingly dramatic series draws to a close in this third tempting installment. While I would have wished for more complication and evolution in this story, it was nevertheless a beautifully written addition to a memorable trilogy.

Since the night they first met, Kasie has known that Robert Dade was a man who yielded unique power. His touch made her reconsider her engagement to another man and her own view of herself, but now that their relationship has become public knowledge, Kasie is starting to question the cost of her relationship. Robert is growing increasingly controlling, imperiling her job and position within her company, as well as her relationship with her co-workers. Though he tries to tell her that the world is theirs to shape and control, Kasie's world has been made of rules and proper behavior, and all their heat and desire can't change that. Robert's promises are as seductive as his touch, but can those promises bring lasting happiness?

This book is, first and foremost, the tale of Kasie's transformation, and it is remarkable to see how far the woman at the center of this whirlwind romance has come. That being said, she has a long way yet to go, and it is only in the final third of this installment that Kasie seemed to realize that she is accountable for her actions. Up until this point, she has been carried on the tide of her desire and impulses, rather than learning to swim with them. With her realization and action, she truly begins to change and realize all the potential that readers have seen from the beginning. I found her ambivalence rather frustrating in this book, simply because it led to a lot of inner monologues that slowed down the plot and kept our hero and heroine from getting together and working on their relationships.

Because this is Kasie's story, we don't get to see Robert's turmoil, or his inner feelings towards Kasie. It makes it difficult at times to realize how much this relationship has affected him, but by the story's end, there was a sense that Robert has begun the evolution that will allow him and Kasie to find a future together. His first instinct is to control his world and everyone in it, and that includes Kasie. While that was perfectly clear and understandable, given what we know about Robert's past, there were times when his need for control bordered on the manipulative and raised some real concern. It would have been interesting to see a bit more of his interactions with Kasie to really get the sense of how the future would be different between them, but the promise of better times made for a very positive ending. Naturally, the heat and hunger between them is ever present and unforgettable throughout the plot, driving each moment of the story. Kyra Davis knows how to build and sustain tension, and it shows here.

What I found disappointing was a lack of real complexity in Kasie's relationships. Readers don't often get to see any interaction with Robert that aren't sexual, and though those are deliciously steamy, it makes it difficult to measure just how far their relationship has evolved beyond the sex. To add to that, when Robert tries to convince Kasie to face her fears and live out a fantasy, there is no sense that she felt or acknowledged any fear, or that the experience changed her. The ease with which she accepted Robert's challenge made me wonder if it was truly a struggle for her, or she realized the depth of the scene around her. In her other relationships, the power plays inherent make her interactions complicated by definition, but I didn't sense that they shifted or evolved along with the plot.

I had trouble with this story, but was very pleased to see Kasie begin to think and act for herself. As she learned to break free of other people's expectations and to perceive and judge herself by her own standards, she became the strong woman that readers have glimpsed at times since this series' opening. It was at this point that she was able to stand up to Robert and help him become the mate she needed, rather than the lover she idolized.

As ever, Kyra Davis' prose was rich and beautifully descriptive, establishing the decadent world of this book with each sentence and paragraph. I love her use of metaphor and the way she can so easily convey the need that pulls Kasie and Robert together again and again. I would be very interested to see what other works she brings out in the future. While I had some issues with this story as a whole, her writing is so vivid that it wraps the reader in the mood of the story, completely drawing them away from the humdrum world around them.
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