Renita Pizzitola
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Lyrical Press, Inc
Release Date
September 2013
Book 2 of Gossamer
Fantasy Romance, Paranormal Romance, Young Adult Romance

True love comes with a price.

Kyla Ashbury, half-fae, must learn to wield her Earth magic to protect herself from the king's guard. Fleeing her betrothal to the prince, she takes refuge among the woodland fae, who are experts at Earth magic. Before she can learn to control her gift, she has to return to the castle to undo some of the damage done when she ran away with Grant. Wielding power she can't control makes the situation worse.

Grant will do anything for the girl he loves. Even with his power to foresee danger, keeping Kyla safe is a constant challenge. As answers lead to more questions, he wonders if he is endangering her further.

Kyla's growing talent destines her to a power struggle she doesn't want. Every choice she makes seems to jeopardize those closest to her. She must learn to control the angry magic coursing through her if she ever hopes to live a normal life with the man she loves.

Book Review by preppea (reviewer)
Sep 05, 2013   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Renita Pizzitola once again delivers a well-constructed and beautifully written young adult story about the Fae.

GILDED continues the story of a half-faerie girl named Kyla (Kylie) who was raised by humans but brought back to the faerie realm upon turning 18. In Gossamer, Kylie escaped from the faerie kingdom to avoid a betrothal she didn't want. Woodland fae teach her how to wield her fae magic but before she can master her abilities, she is forced to return to the faerie kingdom to save a friend.

GILDED is truly a coming-of-age story wrapped in a faerie package. It's the story of an extremely strong and powerful girl struggling to recognize what everyone else sees in her. Kylie is only just beginning to realize how special her magic is and finds herself wrestling with the responsibility that so much power brings. She doubts herself just as any 18 year old would, wondering if she's really as strong as everyone thinks she is, or if she'll fail everyone who believes in her.

I loved the journey Kylie is on. The entire story is detailed; easy to grasp but constantly adding something new. Kylie finally figures out why King Alastar is so determined to control her and she must figure out a way to convince him she's not a threat before he inadvertently forces her into doing the very thing he fears most. GILDED ends on the perfect kind of cliffhanger – not so frustrating that the reader is in a heartrending panic until book #3 comes out but enough of one that the reader is definitely going to want to continue the series to see what happens next.

The reason for my 4 (versus 5) star rating is that while I loved the fae world the author created, I didn't quite feel the romantic element in this story. I realize that this is a young adult story and as such there is a fine line in how much can be described, but I'm actually referring more to how I felt about Kylie and Grant as a couple versus what they did. When Kylie described her love for Grant, I just didn't experience it for myself. When she was kissing him, I was just reading about the kiss versus getting swept up in it. And while I love a good paranormal story, it MUST have that tangible emotional experience for me to truly gush about it. In this case, I wanted to feel the angsty, torturous ache that I would feel if I fell in love only to have it ripped away from me. That for me would have taken this fantastic story and incredible world and pushed it into the next level of stardom.
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