The McGilley Trilogy

BJ Wane
The McGilley Trilogy
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Pink Flamingo
Release Date
September 2013
BDSM, Erotic Romance, Ménage or more


Rumors had circulated for years in the Lexington area about horse breeders Brett, Colin and Donovan McGilley, especially about the activities that went on above their popular night club, Casey's. Kayla Holden was at Casey's to celebrate her twenty-sixth birthday and in the mood to do something wild and crazy and what could be wilder and crazier than enticing sexy, older Brett McGilley into inviting her upstairs for an up close and personal look at the sexual activities she had heard so much about. Even though Brett was attracted to Kayla, his taste for spanking and exhibitionism was not for someone so young and inexperienced. But Brett had no idea just how determined Kayla was to not only explore his sexual kinks, but to do so only with him.
Colin McGilley had fallen for his best friend's wife, Olivia Hammond, the moment he met her and when Doug asked him to help gift her with a ménage on her birthday, he couldn't resist. The next three years, Colin carried the guilt of Doug's sudden death that next day while Olivia struggled with grief. But Olivia's need to find another Master to give her what she so badly craved sent her to Colin, this time asking more from him than friendship.
Donovan McGilley has struggled with his quick temper ever since his rescue from the Iraqi's seven years ago, his worry over preferring rough sex keeping him from seeking a relationship outside of the few women who liked sex hard and usually with two men at their private club. But when veterinarian, Anna Kingston saves one of his beloved mares and he see signs of abuse on her body, he simply couldn't turn her down when she approaches him to explore the sexual fantasies that had led to ending her marriage.
Meet the McGilley Brothers who like their sex kinky and on their terms, but try to do the right thing by turning down the women brave enough to take them on. Women who refuse to take no for an answer.

Book Review by Laurie P (reviewer)
Dec 11, 2013   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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This is a wonderfully written and erotic story of three brothers, each one dealing with a ghost from their past. Although this is one book, it is written in three parts, one for each brother then seamlessly blended. Author B.J. Wane did an incredible job weaving the three threads into one cohesive story.

This story is about three brothers, the sons of Casey McGilley. There is Brett, the oldest and the only product of Casey's marriage to Marianne. Colin, the first son Casey brought home after an affair. And lastly, Donovan, also brought home by Casey after another affair and the cause of the end of Casey's marriage. All three try to live up to the legacy of being a McGilley and the ranch, one of the best breeders of American Saddle horses around. And they do live up to the legacy in every way except the philandering. That's why they have their own private club, out of the public eye, that caters to each of their own brand of kinky sex.

The story opens with Brett. Disillusioned by his own failed marriage and disgusted with the way his dad lived his life, Brett is careful with his heart. He never wants to get involved in a relationship again. And definitely not get involved with someone fifteen years younger and who he doesn't think would be into his type of kink. He meets Kayla, who is young, carefree, inexperienced sexually and is so what he thinks he doesn't need. So when she comes to him wanting to experience what goes on in the private club that the town has heard rumors of, he says no and he tells her so, repeatedly. But Kayla won't take no for an answer. And they do say opposites attract.

Second of the brothers is Colin, an ex-sheriff. He runs the brothers' bar after his partner and friend Doug was killed. And that is the ghost from his past, the death of his partner, the day after his ménage with Doug and his wife Olivia, who was also Doug's submissive. The wife who Doug had asked Colin to look after if anything happened to him, the same Olivia, who Colin fell in love with the night of the ménage. He called in sick the next day rather than deal with his partner and the knowledge that he was in love with the other man's wife.

After three years, Olivia is ready to admit she needs another Master; she misses the freedom of being a submissive. She can only think of one man that she would be willing to submit to...Colin. But she developed feelings for Colin that night too. So they both need to deal with the guilt, Colin's for thinking that he was the cause of Doug being killed and Olivia for having feelings for someone she wasn't married to.

Lastly is Donovan, a wounded war veteran, who has the anger and rage of his capture and torture by the enemy to deal with. He tries to not be around people, preferring to run the ranch and deal with the horses instead. When he needs a sexual release, he goes to the club and shares a woman, knowing that he'll have to control himself with others around. The anger and rage make him think he won't ever be able to find a woman who can take what he wants to dish out in regards to his sexual appetite, along with his fear of losing control of his rage at the wrong time. When one of his mares gets loose because of an ongoing vandalism problem and goes into premature labor, he calls the vet. He gets the on-call vet, Anna, who shows signs of physical abuse.

Anna has always had a yearning for the kinkier side of sex, but as the late life surprise daughter of a preacher and his wife, guilt heaped on her doesn't allow her to explore that side of herself. But after meeting Donovan and having heard the rumors, she decides that maybe he could be the one to show her what she has always wanted to experience. And Donovan wants to show Anna, that not all pain is the same as some pain can lead to the ultimate pleasure.

The vandalism thread that ran through the story was a bit of mystery that does keep you guessing as to "who and why". But I'll let you read the book to find out.

All of the main characters as well as the secondary ones are well-written, with emotional depth. Mitch, who is the best friend to the brothers, is one character I'd like to see get his own story. The sex scenes are hot, with the BDSM theme to them but not overdone.

Overall, this is a great book and one I would gladly recommend.
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