When It's Right

Jeanette Grey
When It's Right
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Release Date
December 2013
Contemporary Romance

Still licking his wounds after a messy breakup, Nate is at loose ends for New Year's Eve and itching for a wild and crazy adventure to jolt him out of his rut. Now if he could only convince his best friend, Cassie, to break away for an impromptu road trip to Times Square.

Fun as it sounds, Cassie is reluctant to accept Nate's invitation. Little does he know, she's made resolutions of her own-resolutions about finally getting over her long-standing crush on him. Telling herself this trip will be the perfect "last hurrah", she packs her bag.

The trip is a fiasco from the outset. A car that won't start, a freak storm that strands them on the side of the road, and a long drive with too much time for true confessions. Cassie's rocks Nate to the core, leaving him wondering if the best thing that ever happened to him has been right in front of him all along.

Warning: Contains two best friends, a secret crush, and a road trip that leads to tow trucks, unexpected hotel-room sharing, epiphanies, sex, and more.

Book Review by Angie Just Read... (reviewer)
Nov 14, 2013   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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He's fallen in a rut from choosing one awful, gold-digging woman after another and he just wants to snap out of it by doing something outrageously spontaneous, like dragging his best friend to Time's Square for New Year's Eve. For his best friend, this scheme will be her last hurrah before making good on her resolution to say goodbye.

When serial dater Nate found his longest lasting girlfriend of eight months cheating, he once again turned to his best friend Cassie for companionship and moral support. After all, Cassie had been there time and again to help him pick up the pieces of his short-lived relationships, and she was fun to hang out with even though she often criticized his choice in women. Yet, this time Nate had a gut feeling things weren't right between him and Cassie.

Something was different, aside from the fact that he was suddenly ogling his best friend's backside and admiring her in ways he'd never done before. Brushing off his sudden attraction to Cassie, Nate convinced her to take a road trip with him from North Carolina to New York City to welcome a new year with him.

Cassie was such a good friend to Nate that she could tell him anything, except that her feelings for him went way deeper than friendship. It was getting too hard to stifle what she'd always felt for him, so Cassie made a vow that she would get over Nate in the coming year, even if it meant she had to cut ties with him. But one last hurrah in New York she could stomach, even if her time with Nate would be bittersweet and she had some well-founded reservations about the spur-of-the-moment trip.

And she was right to be cautious because a series of mishaps and throwing caution to the wind, while in such close proximity to one another, roused more than fears in the both of them; it brought clarity to their relationship that would change the resolutions they'd both made for the coming year.

Jeanette Grey has produced a short novella that's a quick read and perfect for a long lunch hour or a bedtime story. The backgrounds of her hero and heroine don't get very in-depth in mundane personal details; instead the author focuses on their changing relationship and the emotional bonds they share, and this is as it should be in a story that reveals itself in 70 pages. While the outcome is predictable, it is satisfying, and Ms Grey conveys the angst of these characters in a believable way.

I found Cassie's character a bit more reticent than I would have liked considering the numerous opportunities Nate gave her to open up, but some women are just that way when it comes to communication with men. Some women will definitely relate to that aspect of Cassie's character, and since the novel was well written, I didn't let my slight aggravation with a closed-mouth Cassie color my ability to provide a circumspect review. After all, a good story should always elicit some type of strong emotional response and Ms Grey's characterization of Cassie did that for me.

Contains one tastefully written scene of a sexual nature.
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