Hanging On 2: Surreal Neal

Michele Zurlo
Hanging On 2: Surreal Neal
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Release Date
September 2013
Book 6 of Awakenings
BDSM, Erotic Romance, Ménage or more

Sophia DiMarco and Drew Snow have everything they could possibly want--wealth, property, and true love. So why do they keep inviting thirds into their bedroom? It's the only way for Sophia to spend time with a submissive and for Drew to scratch his itch for having a man in his bed.

Neal Purcell isn't looking to tie himself down to anybody again, especially those with money to throw around and a dominant streak. He's been hurt badly, and now he only wants to focus on his career as an up-and-coming chef.

When Sophia and Drew hire Neal to work at Sensual Secrets, they have a hard time keeping their thoughts on business. Neal figures he's safe from emotional entanglement with a married couple, so he proposes a casual fling.

Can the three of them overcome the obstacles to find happiness together?

Book Review by Delta (reviewer)
Oct 04, 2013   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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HANGING ON 2: SURREAL NEAL has all the alphabet bases covered--MFM, MMF, MM, MF, D/s & BDSM. Even without reading the first book, Hanging On, you will fall in love with Sophia, Drew and Neal as they feel their way through a new ménage relationship.

After 4 years together, married couple Sophia and Drew Snow are very much in love with each other…and with their sexual exploits. The celebrity chef and his wife still enjoy inviting a third into their bed on occasion, and when sous chef Neal Purcell catches the two of them getting it on in an employee break room at an awards ceremony, Sophia knows that the young, gorgeous man would be the perfect person to satisfy her husband's need for the occasional man as well as her need to dominate in the bedroom. But hiring Neal at their bakery, Sensual Secrets, means he's off limits to the couple, much to their disappointment.

A former Dominatrix and still occasional Domme, Sophia is struck by Neal's natural submission and she can't stop thinking about how beautiful his ass would look covered in her marks. Neal has been burned before, badly, and isn't looking to start any sort of relationship up again, but something about Sophia fascinates him. When Neal offers to join the two of them as an occasional third, filling Sophia's need to dominate and Drew's need for a man, it seems like the perfect arrangement. The three combust when they come together, and Sophia is surprised both at Drew's willingness to help dominate Neal as well as how good this new man makes her feel.

As the relationship between the three grows deeper than any of them thought possible, Neal will have to decide whether to risk opening up his heart again or to walk away from the best thing that's ever happened to him.

HANGING ON 2: SURREAL NEAL is the follow up to Hanging On, featuring the sexy Sophia and Drew, and it is also the 6th book in the Awakenings series. I was a huge fan of Sophia and Drew in the first book and I absolutely grew to love them even more in this one! Their chemistry is immediate and beyond erotic, and the connection that Neal brings to the table is so phenomenal. I always get really nervous when I read stories about married couples, they have so much more to lose if things go bad and it sometimes gives me a wonky stomach. Drew and Sophia have such an amazing connection and you can feel how much they love and adore one another, and their intense attraction to Neal made perfect sense to me.

Sophia and Neal are very much alike, both having destructive pasts that make it difficult to open up and trust others. Sophia has even held her husband at arm's length, but something about adding Neal to their relationship makes her feel...right. Drew is an awesome character, cocky and self assured and comfortable in his own skin. I love that he is utterly in love with Sophia and how he expresses that love on a continuous basis throughout the book. It's awesome to watch him come into his own as a dominant personality as well, especially since he mentioned several times that it wasn't his "thing." The D/s scenes where he took the lead were incredibly powerful and felt very natural, not forced at all.

All of the characters are well written and have a depth not often found in erotic romance. As a frequent reader of ménage stories, I appreciated that each of the three main characters had an equal stake in the relationship. Too many times, one of the players feels extraneous but that didn't happen in this book. There is a LOT of sex--wicked, playful, sensual, loving, erotic sex. And it's GOOOOOD. Ms Zurlo makes the reader feel the intensity of a scene, whether kinky or vanilla.

If you like erotic romance that takes you into a relationship and makes you feel like a participant or a voyeur, then you'll love HANGING ON 2: SURREAL NEAL. I wholeheartedly recommend picking up all of the Awakenings books too, as they're just as well done as this one.
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