Hotter Horizons

JC Szot
Hotter Horizons
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Evernight Publishing
Release Date
September 2013
Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, Ménage or more

When Francis Carone reaches the end of her rope with her dysfunctional, hostile boyfriend, fleeing from Johnny is the only answer to achieve a clean break. Desperate, she jumps on board a freight train. Landing in the rural town of Fields Grove, New Jersey, Fern attempts to navigate her way through a future that is uncertain. Seeing a classified ad in a local bulletin leads her to the doorstep of Levi Peredi and Alec Delaney. Once Fern is hired to be their housekeeper the anxiety over her future begins to ease.

When the men invite her out to a nightclub for an evening of dancing to celebrate her new life Fern is torn over their intentions. Suddenly things appear to be a bit more complex than dirty laundry and Clorox.

Book Review by Delta (reviewer)
Nov 13, 2013   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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From a dramatic railroad escape to everlasting ménage love, this book will leave you wanting more from this sexy trio. Fern, Alec and Levi can't keep their hands off of one another in HOTTER HORIZONS, making the guy on guy on girl action erotic yet playfully fun and flirty.

After an ugly breakup, Fern Carone jumps a train and leaves her sketchy life behind. She can't stay in the same town as her violent ex and does her best to disappear, winding up as a live-in housekeeper for headhunter Levi Peridi and his boyfriend, valet Alec Delaney, in a small New Jersey town.

The men have been searching for years for a woman to complete their relationship and think that Fern may be the one for them! As they slowly seduce her, all three are suspended in a constant state of lust, until finally the dam breaks and all sexual hell breaks loose. But Fern's ex is always in the back of her mind. Will she be able to let go of the past and learn to trust again?

HOTTER HORIZONS is one sexy read, with two hot as sin men and one very lucky woman. I liked that Levi and Alec are normal everyday guys, not gazillionaires or super busy businessmen like so many of the male main characters these days. Fern is one seriously fortunate woman, getting paid to move in with these yummy men and do little to nothing around the house...I'm totally in the wrong line of work. The men have two completely different personalities that somehow complement their relationship and make it last. Levi is like a boiling pot, ready to explode while Alec is more playful and fun-loving, putting Fern at ease as much as Levi puts her on edge.

I definitely felt that the men had some tasty chemistry, and while their scenes with Fern were admittedly erotic, there was something lacking for me in this book. For instance, Fern's character was very quiet and while she had a large physical role in this book, her verbal one is pretty limited. None of the main characters were developed really well, and there was little depth or substance to any of them. While the sex, particularly the guy on guy action, was erotic, it was all kind of boring. I wish there could've been more…chemistry, sparks, drama…something. This book winded up being something that I HAD to get through rather than one I WANTED to get through, which is a bummer since I love me some MMF action.

Overall, HOTTER HORIZONS was well written, but it lacked anything outstanding or memorable for this reader.
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