The Accidental Submissive

Leah J Michaels
The Accidental Submissive

Siren Publishing
Release Date
July 2013
Book 1 of The Mansion
BDSM, Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance

When Karen is sent on a mysterious delivery for her boss she has no idea how much her life is going to change. Arriving at The Mansion with her delivery in hand she finds herself standing in the middle of the east coast's premier BDSM hotel. She also discovers her deliveries are specialty handcuffs ordered for the evening's submissive auction. When she is mistaken for one of the submissives, she grabs the opportunity to peer into the real life world of BDSM that's occupied her fantasies and dreams over the last year. Unfortunately for her, she doesn't realize her mistake until she's sold as a masochist to a notoriously vicious sadist.
Steven Edwards walks out into his hotel to discover a submissive on his stage that captures his attention, the first to do that in over a year, but a submissive who is not who she appears to be. Rescuing her from one of The Mansion's best known sadists he discovers a wide-eyed submissive with a detrimentally curious side. Steven can't help himself and he spends the rest of the weekend showing her his world. Sending her home with a kiss on the lips and a decision to make, he forces himself to be patient for her answer.
When she become wrapped in a murder case involving the Russian mob, Steven readily opens his home to her as a safe house. Taking advantage he shows her more, each losing their heart to the other in the processes. But when she's attacked those feelings are forced to the surface. To each of their surprise they discover their lives completely altered but wonderfully for the better.
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