Falcon's Angel

Danita Minnis
Falcon's Angel


Liquid Silver Books
Release Date
May 2012
Book 1 of A Cardiff Novel
Contemporary Romance, Historical Romance, Horror Romance, Paranormal Romance

A stolen Stradivarius, a killer on the prowl, a vengeful, devil-worshipping cult … falling in love with Angelina is not on Falcon's to-do list. Besides, Angelina has plans of her own. Helping Angelina unlock the secret of a tragic, 18th century love affair may just be the key to winning Angelina's heart.

Book Review by Linda Hays-Gibbs (author,reviewer)
Nov 23, 2013
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Date: 11/29/12 Review By Linda Hays-Gibbs of Falcon's Angel
By Danita Minnis
Published 2012
ISBN 978-1-59578-942-6

In a world that is forever in flux between the past and present a great love story abides between Falcon and Sasha or Angelina, his Angel. She goes by several names as he does. They are in Yorkshire, England and Italy most of the time but there is a lot of travel between times and places. Although their names change between time periods from the 1780's till the present, it is not difficult to find them. They are always together.
Falcon is an aristocrat that has turned into an assassin to accomplish his quest to annihilate an extreme evil. This evil is il Dragone, a devil-worshiping cult, he remembers from his dreams. He has been on the trail of a stolen Stradivarius for ten years. His boss is certain that a certain young lady that plays this instrument is the thief. Falcon is not so sure and decides he has to get up close and personal to find out why this beautiful young lady would be a thief.
Angel was born in the aristocracy too but prefers her violin music to anything until Falcon enters into her life. Her dreams torment her of a terrifying fire where she is consumed to claustrophobic dreams of being literally enclosed. Her fears seem about to envelope her into insanity until Falcon. He seems so familiar to her and they can't seem to leave each other alone. Her only passion was her violin music but now it has a different flavor when he plays piano with her violin. The passion between them turns into a raging inferno and consumes them until they find themselves in a lot of trouble from outside sources.
The main antagonist is a cult that worships a dragon. The story weaves them through a labyrinth with a dragon on their trail ready to eat them with his fiery head. Other dangers await with the cult members trying to murder them.
Without warning you are on beautiful estates that have withstood the sands of time. The beautiful descriptions of these estates keep you intrigued. Their memories and trials take them on a cross-country hunt for these people evil people.
Next we are back into danger again. The dragon's blood gives the cult extraordinary powers. They can disappear and appear as shadows on the walls. Falcon and Angel battle these powers of evil over several centuries. Their determination and love keeps the story going, so from cover to cover you can't wait to find out what happens next. It has a passion and mystery that ignites your blood.
I was moved by the personalities of the characters from the heroine finding her own strength and power to the hero that only grows more powerful in his time. The characters are myriad and complex in their intensities. The poetic descriptions were beautiful and moved the story along gracefully. The music in the story only strengthened the characters personalities and added color and depth. They form a basic tale of love conquering time and place. I was very moved by the lover's story.
I love the Paranormal and Regency England so I was in heaven with this beautiful tale. I hope to find more of this author's books on the shelves soon. I give this book a rating of five stars out of five. It was an enjoyable read. Linda Hays-Gibbs, Reviewer
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