New Recipes for Elena (Coral Valley Spanking Series Book 5)

S. M. Sandalwood
New Recipes for Elena (Coral Valley Spanking Series Book 5)

S. M. Sandalwood
Release Date
June 2013
Book 5 of Coral Valley Spanking Series
Erotic Romance

What's wrong with insisting that everyone only eat the most healthy food? Elena had been brought up to believe that she had the right, and duty, to direct everyone else's food choices. Her husband, Luke, didn't agree, and became tired of her constant criticism. He adored his young wife, but started to fear that this rigid attitude of hers would destroy their marriage.

The Coral Valley Spanking Series is a set of tender, realistic, and often comic stories of women who find their lives are much improved when their loving husbands or boyfriends start giving them an occasional sound spanking. This is Book 5 in the series.

The complete series includes these titles: Taking Care of Amy, Loving Bridget, DD for Callie, Saving Diane, New Recipes for Elena, Wooing Francesca, and Watching Over Gina.


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