Watching Over Gina (Coral Valley Spanking Series Book 7)

S. M. Sandalwood
Watching Over Gina (Coral Valley Spanking Series Book 7)

S. M. Sandalwood
Release Date
September 2013
Book 7 of Coral Valley Spanking Series
Erotic Romance

Gina was a high school English teacher who couldn't keep up with all of the essays she had to grade. Sam was a veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan who was tired of fighting. Jed Scothead was a vice-principal who though teachers were fair game for his wandering hands. What does spanking have to do with all this? How are the other Coral Valley characters doing?

The Coral Valley Spanking Series is a set of tender, realistic, and often comic stories of women who find their lives are much improved when their loving husbands or boyfriends start giving them an occasional sound spanking. This is Book 7 in the series.

The complete series includes these titles: Taking Care of Amy, Loving Bridget, DD for Callie, Saving Diane, New Recipes for Elena, Wooing Francesca, and Watching Over Gina.


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