Till Then: Spanking Stories of the 1940's

S. M. Sandalwood
Till Then:  Spanking Stories of the 1940's


S. M. Sandalwood
Release Date
June 2013
Erotic Romance

Although adult spanking was common in the 1940's, it didn't show up much in literature. This collection of stories is meant to remedy that omission. Each story is about six to seven thousand words, and deals with how spanking fits into some aspect of the 1940's culture in the United States.

"Forty-Eight Hour Pass" is the story of a doctor stationed at Chelsea Naval Hospital in 1943. He is ordered to take a break by his commanding officer, because the suffering he deals with on a daily basis has left him burnt out. His wife thinks spanking her might help lift his depression.

"Basic Training" is the story of a young wife who barely knew her husband when he left for the war. When he returns in 1945, he is at a loss when he sees that his wife hasn't the barest notion of how to keep house. Then he remembers how basic training works.

"The G.I. Bill" is the story of a soldier who returns home, marries the girl in the downstairs apartment, and realizes he needs to buy a house because his wife makes too much noise for apartment living when he has to spank her.

"Till Then" is the story of a widow who lost her husband during the Normandy Invasion. She meets a returning vet who was injured at Normandy, and together they try to find a way to relieve her of her guilt over finding a new love.


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