Warrior's Vengeance

Gianna Simone
Warrior's Vengeance
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Pink Flamingo Publications
Release Date
June 2012
BDSM, Erotic Romance, Historical Romance, Ménage or more

Near the Scottish border during the reign of Edward I, Marissa Langley, daughter of a powerful English earl is captured by a band of marauding Scotsmen.

Completely at their mercy, she is desperate to escape. When the leader of the group saves her from certain rape, she believes she will be freed.

But Ian MacCallum is no savior. He takes her for his own, seduces her then makes her a submissive. Her collar and chains are part of his vengeance on her father—the man Ian claims is responsible for the death of his beloved wife and son.

But her immediate death is not Ian's plan. He subjects her to daily suffering and punishments and goes so far as sharing her with another clansman. Yet, her spirit will not be broken. He finds himself drawn to that core of strength within her; finding it most exquisite as it cannot be violated.

When danger from within his clan threatens her, Ian protects her, discovering at the same time that he does not want to lose her, ever.

Marissa makes her own discovery: she comes to crave Ian's torturous touch. When she learns the source of his hatred, she is certain he is wrong. Her father would not commit atrocities. She waits for the moment when she can escape and prove her father's innocence. But that would mean leaving Ian when she is no longer sure she wants to be free.

Includes: Bondage, collars, spanking, multiple partners and so much more!

Book Review by Maria Cristina (reviewer)
Nov 24, 2013   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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WARRIOR'S VENGEANCE is not bad at all.

Marissa was captured by a band of marauding Scotsmen, and their leader Ian takes her for his own and makes her his submissive. This is in revenge on her father, whom he believes is responsible for the death of his wife and son. But when danger threatens her, he protects her, and Marissa also discovers she doesn't want to leave him...

At the beginning, my reaction and approach to the romance was a bit skeptical because of Ian's behaviour and Marissa's reaction to it, but the plot is so captivating that the reader feels compelled to know more.

The story, the development and the end are, to put it mildly, peculiar and original. This is my first Gianna Simone novel and I must say, she did a great job.

BSDM is not exactly my genre but I've read some of them and the author has, apparently, the talent to create a strong storyline which hasn't been reduced only to the sex aspect of the protagonists' relationship and, in my experience, this isn't common at all. Writing a BSDM story can be quite easy, writing a valid BSDM story, with a real plot is an entirely different thing and Gianna Simone convinced me.
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