The Sweetest Scent

Susan Laine
The Sweetest Scent
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Dreamspinner Press
Release Date
September 2013
Book 4 of Senses and Sensations
Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, LGBTQ, Young Adult Romance

A Senses and Sensations Story

Bro Sumner loves his girlfriend, Lacey Adair, who underneath her pretty dress is in fact a boy, and she loves him right back. They are an exclusive item in high school, but they face some dangerous opposition, including a bullying fellow jock on Bro's football team and Lacey's violent alcoholic father. Lacey gets some martial arts training from an ally, and both she and Bro end up having to use fists to defend themselves. Still, their high school years have been mostly happy. Their differing plans for the future after graduation, however, seem to separate them by thousands of miles.

A compromise with the help of relatives and friends means Bro and Lacey will go to school only an hour apart, but they still miss each other. It's not long before they make new friendships and discover new romantic possibilities. Temptations, jealousies, distance, and expanding horizons could sever their relationship forever unless they can keep their dream of a life together alive in their hearts.

Book Review by Susan Mac Nicol (author)
Mar 07, 2014   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Beautifully written!

Bro Sumner is deeply in love with his girlfriend Lacey Adair. It doesn't matter that Lacey is actually a Lance, a young man who prefers the prettiness of dresses and make up and femininity to that of being a regular seventeen-year-old male.

The couple is crazy in love with each other and doesn't see a future where the other one is not around. But they have many challenges to face. Lacey's father, a drunk, a bully, stricken with grief by the death of his wife, Lacey's mother. A man who refuses to accept his son is gay, let alone likes dressing like a woman. There are the usual school bullies, the ones who don't see beneath the love the two have for each other and only see two men together, one of whom is effeminate and pretty.

They have their own conflicts, those of wondering whether they are doing the right thing, whether their relationship will last into the future as both of them follow different career paths and try and make a life together.

Bro's deaf brother Sebastian and his life partner Jordan try to help the couple, as do Kevin and Jack, the other role models in Bro's life, themselves lovers and partners. But in the end, it's about Lacey's ability to deal with her father, to rise above the ugliness inside him and see him for what he truly is. A lonely, grief stricken man. It's about Bro's struggle to let Lacey grow, to see that she's stronger than he gives her credit for, and to try to stop protecting her all the time. And most of all, it's about two young people learning to accept what life throws at them and getting through it together.

THE SWEETEST SCENT is a beautifully written story about life and love, loss and gain, absolution and acceptance. The characters will rip your heart out, their innocence and joy make you weep, the emotions running through the book will leap out of the pages to smack you in the face and leave you wondrous.

Susan Laine has put a lot of love and thought and understanding into writing this story. Her talent in depicting the lives of teenagers fraught with love, laughter, sadness and heartbreak shines through and makes you root for Bro and Lacey every step of the way.
If you haven't read any of Susan Laine's books, then read her Senses and Sensations books from start to finish. You won't regret you did.
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