Driven By Destiny

Desi Daasi
Driven By Destiny


Desi Daasi
Release Date
September 2013
Book 1 of The Protector
BDSM, Erotic Romance, Historical fiction

Two civilizations confront each other on the banks of the River Indus in 7th century India. Their world views could not be more different. One is an ancient civilization with many esoteric rituals and beliefs that have evolved over thousands of years. The other is less than hundred years old with a singular belief in the supremacy of its one true God. One has a glorious past but an uncertain future. The other's future is filled with promise and opportunities. One is polytheistic, and extols pluralism. The other is ardently monotheistic and insists on submission to the one true faith.

These world views are irreconcilable and in the 7th century there is only one way to harmonize such disparate viewpoints. War.

The result of this war, will forever alter the history of this subcontinent and inexorably change the lives of two people.

On one side of this conflict is a beautiful princess. Her grace, charm, beauty and kindness make her the darling of her kingdom. Her innocent demeanor and spirit of service bring warmth to her subjects hearts. Every prince in the surrounding kingdoms has dreamed of winning her hand in marriage. Yet she has a dark past and pursues an improbable dream. She yearns for a certain kind of soul mate, one who has been foretold to complete her spiritually, a strong dominant stranger who will release her dormant submissiveness so she may fulfill her destiny. She has waited patiently for four years and prayed everyday for him.

Riding on the wings of this calamitous war a stranger approaches. Will he fulfill the princess's destiny? Or will he be an usurper who rapes and pillages his way into the forgotten pages of history? Can he temper his dominance with justice and compassion or will power corrupt him completely? Will he see the humanity of "the other" or are they just pawns in his game of domination?

Will history recognize him as "The Protector" or despise him as "The Annihilator"?


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