Raindrop Kisses

Amber Tiffany Jones
Raindrop Kisses


Release Date
June 2013
Erotic Romance

Jill is trying hard to lose herself in the crowds of a shabby Midwestern city, hiding the secrets of her true feelings from her family and friends. But the winter is cold and dark, and money from her waitress job is scarce. Soon she finds herself struggling just to get through each day.

Until, late one icy night, five young women come into the diner. Confident and perceptive, the girls persuade Jill to join them for a late-night party. Breaking past the pain and despair, they manage to unleash Jill's true nature, and introduce her into a world of caring, passion, and sensual fulfillment that she never imagined possible. At last she is forced to confront the world and herself as they really are.
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