Leaving Triad

Jessica Anderson ";" KD Jones
Leaving Triad


JK Publishing
Release Date
September 2013
Book 1 of Star Pirate
Romantic Science Fiction/Futuristic

Emily Davis is desperate to get off the planet. Reports of the sun's inevitable explosion were wreaking havoc about the inhabitants of the Triad Galaxies. No planet within the three galaxies surrounding the sun will survive. The one problem holding her up? Her boyfriend, Jeremy Stone. Jeremy thinks the whole story about the sun exploding is made up. He fights her at every turn. At the last moment, Emily is able to convince Jeremy to take the alien ship, the Galactic Star.
Captain Zor heard Terra is looking for more evacuation ships. He decides to leave his pirating days behind and make a legitimate business move. He didn't expect the chaos he found when he landed on Terra. The humans were knocking one another around trying to get to a ship. He could care less for the humans. That is until he spotted her boarding his ship. The human female is the most beautiful creature he has ever laid eyes upon. He wants her instantly. The problem is, she has a boyfriend—a whiny, abusive boyfriend.
As the Galactic Star takes Emily further from the only home she has ever known, she realizes her relationship with Jeremy isn't what it should be. Trouble arises and she has only one person she can turn to, Captain Zor.
Will Emily decide to stay with Jeremy? Will Zor be able to fight his attraction for the human female? What troubles will they find while leaving Triad?


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