Needing You

Calista Fox
Needing You
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Ellora's Cave
Release Date
September 2013
Erotic Romance

The most unlikely couple in Hollywood can't keep their hands off each other!

Silver is a sultry actress with a horrific past that haunts her. Kolby is a sexy, carefree surf champion who lives for the sun, sand and sea. But when Silver's best friend, a famous indie director-producer, unexpectedly throws them together in a steamy, unscripted scene for his erotic film, the sparks fly!
Kolby is the direct opposite of Silver's rough, edgy leading men on and off screen. Yet they instantly sizzle together. He's got a world title to win, but Kolby can't escape the magnet-and-steel effect he and Silver share. Their hot-and-heavy romance comes with a price when Silver's ex-lover stalks her. She'll have to lay it all on the line for her happy ending.

Book Review by Lynn (reviewer)
Oct 15, 2013   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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NEEDING YOU is a great example of the power love can have when someone is trying to heal from their past.

Silver Monroe is a world renowned movie star who uses experiences from her own tortured past to beautifully portray characters that are troubled and full of angst. Kolby Marx is a champion surfer who spends his spare time meditating in the sun and finding peace and balance with the ocean. The two are polar opposites and yet they find themselves drawn to one another.

Four years after their first, brief introduction to each other, Silver and Kolby find themselves together again--on a movie set. Silver's best friend and movie producer, Jimmy, has invited them both to play small parts in an erotic film he is making. When Silver's co-star, who also happens to be her abusive ex-boyfriend, is late to the set, Jimmy asks Kolby to fill in. The sparks fly wildly and Silver and Kolby can't deny their attraction to one another. But Silver has only dated two guys and both were self-centered and abusive; Kolby is sweet and fun-loving and Silver is worried he will be ruined if she allows him into her secret-filled, dark life. It won't be easy for these two super stars with very different lives, schedules, pasts, and personalities to make a lasting connection.

I absolutely adored this book. The emotions were sincere and the author did a fantastic job of making me empathize with both Silver and Kolby. The way the characters were able to use their past experiences to help each other find balance was perfect. One of the best parts about this story, in my opinion, is the slow build. Silver and Kolby don't quickly progress from meeting, falling in love, and then living happily ever after. There are events in Silver's past that have left her emotionally scared and her only coping mechanism thus far has been avoidance. Kolby doesn't step in and heal Silver and immediately make her whole again. Instead, his patience, love and guidance help Silver discover the path she needs to take to heal herself. Ms Fox did a great job writing the whole healing process.

The only part that I felt was a bit forced and rushed was the repair of Kolby's struggling relationship with his dad. Other than that, I felt the characters were expressive and their ranging emotions were wonderfully written. Both the lust and the love between Silver and Kolby were evident and built on each other perfectly. Great story.
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