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Ellora's Cave
Release Date
September 2013
BDSM, Erotic Romance, Ménage or more

The Russians are coming…

All his life, corporate risk analyst Mike Ransom has struggled to keep a lid on his love of risk in all its glorious forms—complex megaprojects, gambling and kinky sex with a cast of other players. Add a healthy dash of Catholic guilt to his zeal for hell-raising and Mike's one conflicted man.

While he may have briefly enjoyed a three-way relationship in Moscow hot enough to melt the icicles off the Kremlin, since relocating to Shanghai he's put all that behind him. So he certainly doesn't want quirky IT über-babe and fiancée Jane finding out about the edgy submission and dominance games he played with Vlad and Lena Orlov, Moscow's most enthusiastic swingers.

But his plan to distance himself from his past comes undone when the Orlovs, unaware of his new relationship status, arrive in town ready to pick up with Mike right where they left off.

Book Review by Lynn (reviewer)
Oct 23, 2013   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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When you take a RISK, you could gain the world or you could lose everything you have.

Mike spends his working hours analyzing and eliminating risk for his company. In contrast, his free time is spent seeking out risks--drinking, gambling, sex. When Mike is working in Russia he meets Vlad and Lena, a couple that introduces him to new levels of risk he never knew existed. Because Mike is able to satisfy all of his risk-taking needs while in bed with Vlad and Lena, he is able to stop seeking out risk in other areas of his life.

When Mike gets transferred to Shanghai, he puts those desires behind him and moves on with a new woman that he truly loves. The problem is that Mike is having a harder and harder time keeping his need for risky behavior under wraps and it is starting to affect his relationship. Jane, Mike's new fiancée, knows that he is keeping something from her but she can't get him to open up. When Vlad and Lena also get transferred to Shanghai and want to reconnect with Mike, he is worried he will lose Jane when she starts learning about his past and his hidden desires.

I will start with a complaint about this story, because I really only had one. There was only one major scene, although a very hot and steamy scene, that involved all four of the main characters. I would have immensely enjoyed seeing more relationship development between Vlad and Lena, and Mike and Jane.

The plot is put together well and the characters are unique and fun. The concept of a man who wants to dominate in the bedroom being scared to share that with his feminist fiancée is honest and entertaining. Watching Mike try to wrap his head around the idea that Jane might not think he is depraved for his sexual desires was fun and sweet. And Jane was the best between her plotting with Lena and her outrageous behaviors with Mike and Vlad. The characters were incredibly enjoyable, which is why I wanted to see the four of them interact more. These characters definitely show us that sometimes it is well worth it to take a risk!
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