HYPNOTIZED, Book 10 of the Incognito Series

Karen Wiesner
HYPNOTIZED, Book 10 of the Incognito Series

Writers Exchange E-Publishing
Release Date
December 2017
Book 10 of Incognito Series
Action/Adventure Romance, Romantic Suspense/Mystery

Dr. Sherry Mansfield is a talented hypnotist who possesses the ability to use the power of suggestion in an eerie, supernatural way. When she sends the Network a message through a suicide bomber that she wants to escape her abusive husband—the leader of a small terrorist group—they offer her a deal: They'll rescue her from her husband if she'll use her special skill for them in the pursuit of justice. The Network also fears that a rival terrorist faction will target Dr. Mansfield, wanting to use her unusual gift for evil the same way her husband's group does. Network operatives—and former secret lovers—Noah Harlow and Rhiannon Murray must rescue Dr. Mansfield to keep the world at large from falling into jeopardy.


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