BRIAR'S PATCH, Book 7, An Adventures in Amethyst Series Novel

Karen Wiesner
BRIAR'S PATCH, Book 7, An Adventures in Amethyst Series Novel


Writers Exchange E-Publishing
Release Date
December 2014
Book 7 of Adventures in Amethyst Series
Contemporary Romance

As a teenager, Roman "Bud" Marasek was shy, a farmer's kid who grew up to be a farmer himself. The first girl he loved was Briar Sankey. It took him years to work up the courage to ask her out, and their date was the best night of his life. But, when she started dating the star athlete, he'd realized he'd only been wishing for the moon. Years passed, Bud fell in love with Evette, had a daughter, and his wife died unexpectedly. Raising Harper hasn't been easy alone, but at forty-seven he feels completely unprepared for being both father and mother to a teenage daughter. He turns to Briar for help. Briar is running her parents' restaurant, and, unbelievably, has never married and seems content to be alone. Looks are deceiving…
Briar had spent her life confident she had all the time in the world to make a life for herself and any choice she wanted. At forty-seven, she no longer has the same choices. With both of her parents gone, she's the only one left to run the restaurant, what she considers her "patch" in the big, wide world.
Letting slip an unintended faux pas, a friend of both Briar and Bud reveals to Briar that Bud has had a thirty year crush on her. Suddenly his reason for coming by the café nearly every day of his life takes on startling meaning. When he asks her for help with Harper, she can't refuse. And suddenly she's seeing Bud in a whole new light…and falling in love with the sweet, shy man who's been there all along.


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