Spurred On

Em Petrova
Spurred On
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Loose Id, LLC
Release Date
August 2013
Book 3 of The Quick and the Hot
Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, Western Romance

After a major injury on the rodeo circuit, Hayden takes over as foreman at the Cole Ranch. But he finds that acting on pure instinct as he did in the arena isn't working with his boss or the ranch hands, and that getting the landowner's daughter Zoe Beth in his bed has probably put his job on the line.

Since childhood, Zoe Beth's sole goal is to be seen as an equal among the cowboys in her life and to manage her father's ranch. But her daddy—and now Hayden—bosses her around. In the bedroom with the tall, muscled ex-bull rider, it's toe-curling, but in the pastures, she's damn well going to earn the respect she deserves.

When she takes in a neglected animal belonging to the neighbor, she is faced with a decision that will prove her guts as a rancher even while Hayden will be forced to see himself for the dominating person he's truly become.

Book Review by Angie Just Read... (reviewer)
Oct 12, 2013   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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She's never wanted anything but for her father to trust her enough to hand over the running of his ranch to her one day. That was, until the new foreman her father hired turned her head.

Zoe Beth Cole knew all there was to running The Cole Ranch and she'd taken on back breaking work to prove to her father and the ranch hands that she was as capable as any man at running a cattle ranch, but it seemed her father was too blind to see past her sex. To Valentine Cole, securing his only child's future meant convincing her to marry the older man who owned the ranch that abutted the Cole property; a man Zoe Beth knew to be cruel, but crafty enough to hide his true nature from her father.

When her father went and hired former bull-riding star Hayden Meadows as his new foreman and never said a word to Zoe Beth before the fact, the bitterness she felt was only mitigated by the fact that her dog Tripod bit Hayden in the leg and the sexy cowboy was easy on the eyes. But flirting with the hired help was never a good idea if she held out any hope of being foreman one day, and mixing business and pleasure would certainly be unprofessional in her father's eyes.

Hayden Meadows quickly sensed that rancher's daughter Zoe Beth Cole resented him for gaining the job as foreman on her father's cattle ranch, but after a bull ended his career on the rodeo circuit and forced him into a year of rehab for a shoulder injury, he needed employment and he wasn't going to let a woman derail his chances of proving himself, even if he has to continuously fight his eyes, hands, and thoughts from straying into dangerous territory.

But his fixation on Zoe Beth kept him up nights fantasizing and his remedy of working late and rising early to combat his desires made the ranch hands question his suitability for the foreman job. Something had to give, and knowing that Zoe Beth also felt and battled their mutual attraction, drove the both of them to give in to a passionate encounter that only whet their appetites for more.

Suddenly, during their numerous secret rendezvous, both Hayden and Zoe Beth are finding they are losing control of more than they ever expected, and it's attracting the unwanted attention from the ranch hands. But despite their growing but unvoiced feelings, neither can have everything they've ever wanted unless the truth comes out. But when trying to protect one another from an inquiry by Val Cole, Zoe Beth's honesty may be the catalyst for heartbreak.

Em Petrova adds another titillating tale to her cowboy series The Quick and the Hot that is sure to steam up your windows even if your A/C is working overtime. Hero Hayden is a man's man with a bit of a dominant streak. Heroine Zoe Beth is competent, challenging, sassy, and secure in her womanhood, if not secure in her dream to run her father's ranch one day. While this couple starts out like oil and water, they manage through passion and a building respect, to coalesce into something hot enough to burn away their inhibitions about fraternization.

But they soon find that the goals they both had when they first met have undergone a change and it's only their barely acknowledged emotions that stand in their way.

Warning: Full of highly erotic sexual encounters in pick-up trucks, barns, and bunkhouses, and with and without whipped cream and wine.
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