Spurred On

Jenna Howard
Spurred On
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The Wild Rose Press
Release Date
December 2010
BDSM, Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, Western Romance

He wears the spurs, but she's not afraid to use them.

Country singer and secret Domme Jessa Brody is home to perform at the Calgary Stampede and to brainstorm some new songs for her next album. Sexy bronc rider Luke O'Connor is once again the perfect inspiration for her songs and naughty dreams. Strong, brave and handsome, he's man enough to submit to her wildest desires. But can she handle the responsibilities that go hand in hand with being a good Domme, or will she lose herself—and Luke—when Spurred On?

Book Review by Michelle R
Jan 05, 2011   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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A yummy cowboy, a sexy singing sensation and a lifelong friendship that's ready to become so much more, Jenna Howard's SPURRED ON will leave BDSM fans with a whole new appreciation for a cowgirl and her rope.

The vast majority of BDSM that I've come across has featured a male Dominant. For the first time I was treated to a role reversal. SPURRED ON gave me the opportunity to climb into the skin of the female Domme as she initiated her buff rodeo star cowboy into the pleasures of submission. Pleasures? Did I say that? Well, yes, the two enjoyed more than their fair share of pleasures, but do not doubt that this cowgirl knows how to torture her cowboy, too. She has him all tied up, literally and figuratively.

Jessa Mae Brody and Luke O'Connor have pretty much grown up together. Their fathers were best friends who traveled the rodeo circuit together and have continued that lifelong friendship even after a car wreck that resulted in Jessa's father being wheelchair bound. Even as teens the two only had eyes for each other, but Jessa's confusion with her desires to hurt as well as pleasure Luke kept her from acting on those lusts.

At twenty five, Jessa and Luke had their first sexual encounter. It was intense to say the least, but the evening didn't end well and it was five more years before Jessa and Luke gave it another try.

I had a really difficult time understanding the motives and actions of the characters in the first half of the story. When they first had sex, Jessa showed her very kinky and in control Domme side. Luke made the comment, "What the fuck are you learning on the road?" afterwards. This was after sharing many times how beautiful and amazing she was. How hot he was for her. She interpreted his comment as being called a whore. Excuse me? Huh? A whore? How exactly is that?

She was leading one of the most erotic sexual scenes I've read, I think the observation that she's learned a thing or two (and she has, she's a Domme who has been trained!) isn't an off the wall or rude comment. And, I can't imagine a Domme actually being insulted by a sub's acknowledgement that she demonstrates practiced skill. So her irritation that lasts five years still confuses me. She got mad again toward the end of the book when he backed away, giving her space as fans accosted her. This time it was better explained, and I understood what the character was thinking, but it still didn't ring true or make sense to me at all. In his shoes I would have done the same thing, given her space to do her job.

I am a fan of strong characters whose demons color their actions. I love multi-dimensional characters who are raw, real and relatable. I found myself wanting more from both Jessa and Luke. Surely submitting for the first time and speaking of his desires aloud doesn't come easily for an alpha cowboy. And Jessa traveling, being away from the simple country life she grew up in and becoming a world famous singing star, has to leave scars. Especially if you have held out for your childhood love, turning thirty and not having had a real romantic relationship before.

But, like I said, the erotic scenes are oh-so-toe-curling erotic, proving girls in charge can lead to some pretty amazing combustible results. And Jessa described future plans for Luke that are sure to leave the boy in a cold shower for a very long time. Even without rope and toys, a Domme is a pretty powerful sexual creature capable of stirring all kinds of fire. Watch out, men. This might give the ladies some ideas.

My favorite parts (ok, outside of all the sexual tension and release) were when she wrote the songs that so clearly reflected her relationship at the time with Luke. Sadly, the boy remained totally clueless that he was the object of desire that she sang about. That was creative brilliance and a wonderful way to weave her inner thoughts into the story without being so obvious and blunt.

I love and prefer alpha male heroes, and the idea of a hero as a sub raised my eyebrow a smidge. Happily, Luke didn't submit like female protagonists submit. Somehow, he did retain his manly cowboy studliness even when he was on his knees begging. That seemed true to me. I'll bet strong alpha men do carry some of that aggression with them even into submission. He instigated far more than female subs are allowed, and that really worked for me. He wasn't a passive or weak man at all. He was, all in, all male and all cowboy. And really, who doesn't love a cowboy?

SPURRED ON is a wonderful and creative tale with what could be a new perspective for readers to experience. There is plenty of hawt to keep you warm this winter, and all kinds of cowboy charm to keep you smiling. Enjoy!
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