Learning to Waltz

Kerryn Reid
Learning to Waltz
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Hartwood Publishing
Release Date
November 2013
Historical Romance

Chanticleer Book Reviews' Chatelaine Award 2014

Deborah Moore has learned her lessons well–feel nothing, reveal less, and trust no one. Now widowed with a child of her own, she leads a lonely, cloistered existence, counting her farthings and thinking she is safe. When five-year-old Julian is lost one bitter December day, she discovers how tenuous that safety is.

Evan Haverfield has lived thirty carefree years, hunting, laughing, and dancing among London's high society. His biggest problem has been finding excuses not to marry. But his life changes when he finds Julian Moore half-frozen under a hedge and carries him home to his mother. The young widow hides behind a mask, hard and reserved, but Evan sees glimpses of another woman, wistful, intelligent, and passionate. She's vulnerable, desirable—and completely unsuitable for the heir to Northridge.

Alone in the earliest hours of a new year, Evan teaches Deborah to waltz. Can he teach her joy and laughter? Will love sweep away the shadows of her past and reveal the luminous woman she could be?

Book Review by Linda Hays-Gibbs (author,reviewer)
Mar 25, 2015   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Daring and Delicious

Deborah Moore is a widow with her son Julian living in in a small cottage in abject poverty. Her world revolves around her son.

Her son goes with her servant on an errand and he gets lost in the dead of winter. Deborah searches for him till she is a wreck but she can't find the five year old anywhere. She is desperate and runs to the inn to beg the men to search for him. Few want to go into the horrible cold weather but some did volunteer.

Evan Haverfield saw the woman's desperation and decided to help her. He was drawn by her facial expressions and desperate dignity.

They become a local item of gossip after Evan finds the boy and helps Deborah to nurse him back to health. Evan falls more and more in love with her. He wants her but fights his attraction until he asks her to marry him. She refuses him.

This is an absolute stunning Regency. I was caught in the first few pages and couldn't sleep till I finished it. I was positive I knew what would happen several times but that was not the case. The author weaves a delightfully suspenseful tale that kept me on the edge of my seat. You felt for the characters, all of them not just the heroine. It was such a surprise.

I gave this book five Stars and wanted more. I love, absolutely love Regency and thought I knew all the tales by heart but this one is different. It makes you feel so much for all the characters. I recommend it cause I know you will enjoy it as much as I did.
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