The Beast: The World of Pangaea, Book One

Sondra Allan Carr
The Beast: The World of Pangaea, Book One

Clairbridge Press
Release Date
June 2013
Book 1 of The World of Pangaea
Erotic Romance, Fantasy Romance, Paranormal Romance

In this first book in the fantasy romance series The World of Pangaea, young King Armander inherits the throne determined to restore his kingdom to its former glory. The years of abuse suffered under the old king's reign have taken their toll on his people—even more so on Armander. The torments visited on him by his demon-worshipping father have disfigured his soul and left Armander with an enduring anger that no longer has a target. His barely contained rage, unleashed at the slightest provocation, has earned him a name whispered behind his back: The Beast.

When Armander learns a neighboring king has plotted his assassination, he demands the king's daughter as reparation. Immediately captivated by the beautiful princess, Armander discovers it is he, in fact, who has become hostage to her charms. As his love for her grows increasingly apparent to those around him, Armander fails to realize Princess E'laiahna has powerful enemies within the palace, men who will stop at nothing to keep her from becoming Queen. Yet only one man can drive her away forever—the one people call The Beast.


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