The Door Behind Us

John C. Houser
The Door Behind Us
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Dreamspinner Press
Release Date
October 2013
Historical Romance, LGBTQ

It's 1919, and Frank Huddleston has survived the battlefields of the Great War. A serious head injury has left him with amnesia so profound he must re-learn his name every morning from a note posted on the privy door.

Gerald "Jersey" Rohn, joined the Army because he wanted to feel like a man, but he returned from the trenches minus a leg and with no goal for his life. He's plagued by the nightmare of his best friend's death and has nervous fits, but refuses to associate those things with battle fatigue. He can't work his father's farm, so he takes a job supervising Frank, who is working his grandparents' farm despite his head injury.

When Frank recovers enough to ask about his past, he discovers his grandparents know almost nothing about him, and they're lying about what they do know. The men set out to discover Frank's past and get Jersey a prosthesis. They soon begin to care for each other, but they'll need to trust their hearts and put their pasts to rest if they are to turn attraction into a loving future.

Book Review by Breann (reviewer)
Nov 11, 2013   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Both Frank and Jersey come back from the war changed. Changed in different ways, but still, they were not the boys they once were. Together they were able to become men who fought, laughed, loved and took care of each other.

Frank came back from France with amnesia. He was unable to remember anything from his life before the war. He lived with his grandparents who hired Jersey, another vet, who returned with a missing leg, to help supervise Frank with his chores. Through their time together, they grew closer and formed a genuine friendship. One that would last them a lifetime.

Oh wow… just wow. I loved their love and how they took care of each other. Frank set out to find out about his past and Jersey was right there with him. Likewise, Frank was equally loyal to Jersey in his desire to get a prosthetic and return to school. They were just… wow. Loving and sweet and thoughtful and devoted. Everything.

Now, don't get me wrong, there were some misunderstandings and jerk-ish moments along the way. But even in those moments, I could feel all the feels between them. All their decisions, good or bad, were made because of their love and devotion to one another. They did what they thought was best and then ate a big helping of crow afterwards. Because that's what they did for each other--took the blame, asked for forgiveness, and moved on from their mistakes. No questions asked. As long as they were together, everything was as it should be.

I so wanted to give this 5 stars, but at times, the writing felt disjointed. I was confused a couple of times as to what was happening and whose POV I was reading. There were also a couple time jumps, which were okay, but honestly, I could have done without.

Really, this was so good, so good that I'll add it to my reread list. With their loving, thoughtfulness for each other, Frank and Jersey were like perfection for me and a couple to remember.
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