Written In Stone

Rie McGaha
Written In Stone
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Silver Publishing
Release Date
November 2010
Erotic Romance, Historical Romance, Paranormal Romance

Gavin Stone is a wealthy man and never has a problem finding women to accompany him on the dance floor or the bedroom, but there's something different about Gavin. His eyes are too bright, his skin is too fair and he keeps strange hours.

Angela Elliott is young and beautiful but an accident that killed her husband and unborn child also left her in a wheel chair. Angie believes she'll never love or be loved again.

At a dance that Angie's caretaker forced her to attend, Angie remains in the back ground but Gavin Stone notices the beautiful young woman anyway and asks her to dance. When Angie refuses him he takes his leave but can't get her out of his mind.

When the two meet again, Angie is in a very precarious position and Gavin comes to the rescue. He then learns of her disability but continues to hide the truth about himself. That is until circumstances come together and Angie finds Gavin in the arms of another woman.

Book Review by Eta
Feb 04, 2011   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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WRITTEN IN STONE is a short novel that you will read in one breath. Rie McGaha wrote a story that is very entertaining and has a light pace that will make you enjoy every page.

At the beginning, you are introduced to a wonderful period of ballroom dances, lavish dresses and real gentlemen. At such ball, Gavin Stone III met lovely Angela Elliot. Gavin never had a problem finding women, never had to endure a refusal. However, when Angela refuses to dance with him, he left her, but only for a little time. From the moment he saw her, he knew that she was the woman that he waited for so long.

Ms McGaha divided the book into separate units. In that way, you have two wonderful love stories that are intertwined in a unique way. You have the Stone story – love story about Gavin and Angela, and Written – love story about Muredach and Bettina. I think it is not by accident that Written – which is the beginning of the title – is put as a last story, because it is actually the beginning of the whole story of the creation of vampires in a unique way. In this book, vampires are not monsters.

The first story – Stone – is set in the nineteenth century. Gavin is a descendent of the family Stone. He is a handsome and wealthy bachelor. When he meets Angela, a beautiful but crippled woman, he knows that his heart will not belong to another. However, he has a dilemma – he loved his life just as it was, and being with someone, in vampire world, it meant forever. And forever is a very long time. However, as we read on, we will feel his determination and his comprehension of his own feeling, that love is forever.

Angela, even crippled, never had a problem with small things, like dancing, as she was carrying a severe pain on her soul – the death of her husband and unborn child. However, when she meets Gavin, she starts missing everything that she forget or ever wanted to do again.

They both have secrets they carry and are not willing to uncover them. Angela's sad story and her remorse touched me. But little did she know that her sad life will soon be replaced with wonderful and passionate moments.

It was very interesting to read the history of Stone family that is carved in the headboard of Gavin's bed. The story also explains the origins of the vampires in a unique way. And there starts the second story – Written.

Ms McGaha now takes us to Scotland, a little time after Christ when the Scottish clans were at war. It is easy to imagine the green pastures, great forests and castles. Muredach is a handsome and very strong man who was married to little Bettina. When they married, she was a girl of only thirteen years, and Muredach vows that he will never take her to his bed. However, after years of war and when he returned home, he discovers his wife, little Bettina, as a grown woman and he wanted to claim his rights.

I have to say that Written really left me breathless. The story, passion, and love between the two only grow more and more beautiful.

The plot of the first story is lovely. The plot of the second one is also good, but I think the story could end in different ways without the war between the two clans.

The story unfolds gradually and the worldbulding is solid. With the light writing style, it is enjoyable to read about the great and big loves that are unique, and the exciting bedroom moments will keep you holding the book tightly.
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