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Jennifer Leeland
Declaration to Submit
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Loose Id
Release Date
October 2013
BDSM, Erotic Romance, Romantic Science Fiction/Futuristic

When Nell signed her employee agreement, she was fascinated by the fraternization clause that opened a door to her fantasies that she couldn't shut.  In a moment of weakness, she demands clarification and finds herself under contractual obligation to her new boss, Mark Conners.
Mark has wanted Nell Armstrong as much as he wanted to takeover the company she worked for.  Once he acquired her place of employment, he planned to charm her into a kinky partnership that would satisfy them both.  But before he could, she dropped to her knees, so he accepts her declaration to submit.  Things get serious and their fragile trust in each other is tested as they face a company problem that is deeper than either of them could imagine.  Mark must find a way to forgive those in his past to have a future with the woman he loves--Nell.

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Nov 05, 2013   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Submitting to the boss as part of an employment contract? Where does this company reside and where do I sign up? This is a 3.5 star story using one of my favourite themes.

Nell is the one who holds the company together. She's the one with the smarts and the heart. Her new boss is Mark. Mark is a Dom with a past. Unfortunately, despite his best efforts to hide it, he can't escape from it.

Ms Leeland's plot is easy to follow. She does throw in a couple of twists which makes the story more enjoyable. The way she resolves the conflict a bit too down pat, but it works. What is really enjoyable is the way she sets up the BDSM D/s dynamic between Nell and Mark. It's clear that Nell is more than ready to give her power up to Mark. What is sad is Mark's inability to dominant Nell consistently. She messes him up emotional which makes him a mediocre but human Dom.

The BDSM in this story is hawt. There are no super fancy toys and equipment. Instead, the focus is on the submission which at times can been a bit too much for Nell. The ménage scene could have gone really bad. Instead, it turned out super hawt. When a male and female get together to co-dominate a strong and sexy submissive, I'm over the moon. This is because I'm vicariously enjoying it from the submissive perspective. Lucky Nell!

Ms Leeland does write delicious F/f scenes. Her brand of Femdom is also one I really enjoy. I wish there were more F/f BDSM stories from her. Based on some hints in this story, one of the tales in this series may feature a tasty F/f Femdom. This reader can only hope.

This story does bring into question the danger of mixing business with pleasure. In the real world, this is a sexual harassment lawsuit waiting to happen. Perhaps this is why the story is that much hotter? The forbidden fruit is sweet and spicy. Many other female readers also enjoy reading about this brand of scandalizing behaviour. Since I've actually seduced a former boss and we did enjoy a kinky relationship, this type of story is always a pleasure to read.

This kinky romance is recommended for those who love happily ever afters.
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