Plus One

Sarah Phelan
Plus One
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BlanketFort Publishing
Release Date
October 2013
Contemporary Romance

Wedding planner extraordinaire Julia Santos has led a picture perfect life - a glamorous job, beautiful children, a gorgeous home - with her Prince Charming at her side. But with just days to go until her college roommate's wedding, Julia's Prince Charming has decided he'd be a lot happier with the other Princess down the street.

Compelled by pride - not to mention financial obligation - Julia must keep up appearances all alone in a Destination Wedding Hell that she herself has planned. Surrounded by well-wishers strolling down Memory Lane, Julia finds herself struggling with the fact that she no longer is going to be Mrs. Charming.

After a bad break up with his fiancée, David Diemand, best man and brother of the bride, has spent the last six months, literally and figuratively, at sea. His only job for this wedding is to show up and stand next to his buddy at the altar, but no one is truly sure he can handle that. Not even David. Stuck in the middle of all these Wedding Hells Bells is bad enough, but with all the old college crowd in town, David knows he is bound to bump into that WhatIf with her husband as David sulks at the Singles table.

But Julia is there alone. Without a sickeningly perfect husband in sight. Much to Julia's dismay, David quickly uncovers the real reason why Prince Charming is absent. Against her better judgment, Julia agrees that the only way they are going to get through this wedding week is together.

And the secrets that David and Julia share - both old and new - could be the very reasons why the two of them are both alone at this wedding without their Plus One.

Book Review by VRValicento (reviewer)
Dec 10, 2013   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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What do you do when your husband of seventeen years tells you he wants a divorce? What do you do if you are considered the best wedding planner in Boston, and your job is to give the bride and groom the fairy tale, when yours has just ended? How do you handle your college best friends' wedding, a few days after your husband leaves you?

These are all the questions Julia Santos Rosa asks herself throughout this story. "What do I do now?" A question everyone who has ever been in a divorce, break up, etc., has asked themselves. This story takes place mostly over the first few days after Julia's husband, William, left her and their children.

Julia is a wedding planner and she has been helping her college friends' plan their wedding, which takes place in a few days. While at the destination wedding, Julia looks back on her relationship with her husband, her friends, and the boyfriend that she left behind twenty years ago. What should be a work-and-catching-up-with-old-friends occasion results in soul searching for Julia and David, Julia's old boyfriend.

This was a nice second chance at love story between Julia and David, a chance neither thought they would ever get. I liked the going back and forth between periods with Julia, David, and their friends, but at points in the story, it became confusing because there were not any changes in type or even a time stamp when the characters were thinking in the past. I had to go back a paragraph or two to realize that the story went back in time. However, I do like when stories show you the history of the relationships between the characters, so you have a better understanding of what you are reading. The glimpses show how Julia and David's relationship evolved from friendship to love and back to friendship through the years. As well as how they grew as people.

PLUS ONE is a wonderful story about how people and relationships change through the years as they evolve. I love these characters so much that I actually wish there was more, like an epilogue several years down the road. I want to see her "Happily Ever After" with David, her first love. I love it when love gets a second chance.
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