An Untitled Lady

Nicky Penttila
An Untitled Lady
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Wondrous Publishing
Release Date
December 2013
Historical fiction, Historical Novel with Romantic Elements, Historical Romance, Literary Romance

**Not a traditional Regency**

Shocking family news forces Madeline Wetherby to abandon her plans to marry an earl and settle for upstart Manchester merchant Nash Quinn. When she discovers that her birth father is one of the weavers her husband is putting out of work—and a radical leader—Maddie must decide which family she truly desires, the man of her heart or the people of her blood.

An earl's second son, Nash chose a life of Trade over Society. When protest marches spread across Lancashire, the pressure on him grows. If he can't make both workers and manufacturers see reason he stands to lose everything: his business, his town, and his marriage.

As Manchester simmers under the summer sun, the choices grow more stark for Maddie and Nash: Family or justice. Love or money. Life or death.

Historical fiction with romantic elements; has scenes of violence and loss.

Book Review by Linda Hays-Gibbs (author,reviewer)
Dec 18, 2014   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Lovely, exciting Regency romance.

I love it when the writer uses historical facts and plays with them to make an exciting story unfold. The fact that Peterloo actually happened makes it so much more interesting.

Our heroine is tragic and, of course, beautiful. Madeline Wetherby, or Maggie, traveled to Manchester to marry Deacon Quinn, Earl of Shaftsbury. His father, the old Earl, has just died but he had groomed Maddie to be Deacon's wife. She was sent to school and told what to study. Her skills were honed for that position. She thought herself a lady and knew her place but the new Earl wanted none of her.

His brother is Nash Quinn, a man of business. He felt sorry for the young woman but could not help. He was too poor. His brother has a suggestion and it's a brilliant one.

Guests are at the Earl's house celebrating his birthday and one of them is Maddie's uncle, Viscount Wetherby. He isn't happy to see her. In fact, he calls her an impostor, saying his family had adopted her.

When Maddie learns that her birth father is one of the weavers her husband is putting out of work, she must decide which family she truly desires--the man of her heart or the people of her blood.

I don't want to give away the story, except to say that it's exciting and I truly enjoyed it.

I felt the main topics were concerning families and how broken we all are in different ways.

Maddie wants to belong and so does Nash. He had his opinions and beliefs turned upside down but poor Maddie gets hit with one thing after another. Her place in the order of things is drastically altered. Not only because she finds out her station in life is different but all her beliefs are altered.

Next we have Magistrates, the people in charge of the factories and people. Their beliefs and places in life become the most important thing to them, only to have these altered by catastrophe.

I do want to say the book has an erotic side and some child abuse that I feel a reader should be warned about, though there are no details.

I enjoyed this book; I laughed and cried. I thought everyone grew so much in their personalities.

This book had deep issues to consider and overcome. I was cheering for both the hero and heroine. You don't want them to give up on each other and they have so much to overcome.

I recommend this book to the romantic and the historian. It gives so much to you.

I gave it five stars for the storyline and plot. It was so exciting. You feel Maddie's heart ache. You suffer with her and Nash. It is a must read.
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